2012 first quarter figures

The Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement for Jan-Mar 2012 lists 21 new Glen of Imaal Terriers from 3 litters. 7 Glens were DNA tested from PRA with 3 returning clear and 4 carriers. 1 Glen had their eyes tested under the BVA scheme and was found unaffected at this time

4 thoughts on “2012 first quarter figures

  1. One litter from DNA tested Clear parents.

    One litter from DNA tested Carrier (dam) and DNA tested Clear (sire).

    One litter from UNtested parents – this is the second litter from this pairing since the DNA test for GPRA-crd3 became available. Neither parent has any health tests listed on the KC website – no eye tests and no DNA testing.

    • Why not revealing the kennel name and/or the parents ped names from the UNtested litter?
      It’s obvious they don’t give a dam about the breeds health!

      • Woody, this is the EFG blog so (in the main) the EFG observes standard proprieties of information. People who comment on here though do it as individuals.


  2. Dirk on the 3rd litter on the list a couple rang us we told them at least 4 times to check for DNA testing and they said yes then turn around and buy one. Dirk the people who have bought these pups could of said no i know of 2 who did just that leave pups on owners hands. I have spoken to the breeders they do not see why they should test them they are nice people and shouldnt the kc do 2 things stop the registration of untested stock and refuse to advertise them.
    Dirk the kc should do something like with hip scoring in GSD but it will cost them momey so they dont

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