Dutch Young Dogs Day

From Aimee Benders (secretary Dutch Glen of Imaal Terrier Association)

What a great day it was Saturday, 19th May when the Dutch Association for the Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers organized her puppy & young dog day! With temperatures around 22°C  the sunny weather conditions made it a perfect day for both human & Glen participants. Theme this year was ‘Sports & Fun’ and fun we had. In the morning a playground was set up for Glens of all ages with their owners. Tradional Dutch games were translated into dog games to show the interaction between dog and owner. There was no competition aspect this morning so all dogs were winners. The afternoon programme was reserved for the puppy and young dog exhibition. For this occasion German breeder Stefanie Blänkner was invited to inspect 21 puppies and young dogs in the age of 3 – 24 months from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Traditionally this day ended with the Parade of the Veterans. 6 Lovely lady Glens showed their best and confirmed what every Glen owner knows: no matter what age, if necessary they have the energy of a youngster!

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