Eye testing.

The eye testing at the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf) on July 14th WILL have microchipping available. As all dogs have to be chipped before examination please let Sheila, ceskyterrier@ymail.com, know if your dog (not just Glen of Imaal Terriers) will need doing when you book your appointment

Busy people

Boy have Glen of Imaal Terriers been in the news over the last week! GCH Finnabair Song O’ My Heart started the run with a Gp2 and 3. Estonian Winner 2012 went to Ch Jeonty Flown Finnair and Abberann Karl also did a Gp2 & 3 at Munster & Cork respectively. It wasn’t only the show world were the breed was excelling as Finnabair Winston O’Reilly added a new working title and the Glen with the best name in existence, Liberty’s Phineas T Prowness of Makin People Happy, obtained a Coursing Ability title-only the 2nd Glen to do so. This award will be a new one for non American owners so do have a look at what it is. Congratulations everybody.

Yes, we know it’s Bank Holiday…

…..and there isn’t normally anything today. It’s a special Bank Holiday though for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so it’s a Jubilee blog. All over the country events have been taking place  and these have included cake making ones. Nicki O’Hanlon entered one of her masterpieces under a judge known to specialise in cake making and baking and was absolutely thrilled to be awarded first prize. Nice one Nick!

SKC 2012 critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Many thanks to the committee of SKC for their hospitality & the two very capable stewards for making my day enjoyable. My two CC winners were the best movers of the day. Thank you to all exhibitors for your support on this my first appointment awarding CCs.

PGD: 1) Kirikee Ronan O’Gara. Nice head & eye, excellent bite & correct ear shape, good lay of shoulders, deep chest with plenty of heart room, good topline, correct front feet position, a nice lad that will trouble the rest as he matures. I like this boy a lot but today movement let him down a little as he needed time to settle. 2) Jeonty Highland Boy. Good head & eye, good mouth, level topline, deep chest, correct tailset, well presented, just preferred front of first.

LD: 1) Amhard Freebooter. Brindle boy with good mouth, expressive eyes, good neck & shoulders, correct front, correct position of front feet, good angulations front & rear, harsh coat, moved with drive.

OD: 1) Amhard Damson Sauce. Brindle, correct bite, strong jaw, eyes of good colour, correct ear carriage, correct front with good feet, strong neck, good lay of shoulders. Correct length to upper arm. Good length to height ratio, nice turn of stifle, well muscled, good topline & tailset, correct coat texture. Moved with drive fore & aft. Nicely presented. Was pleased to award him his first CC. Well done. I didn’t realise till after the judging that this boy has several Res CCs under his belt. 2) Multi Champion Abberann Conan. Well presented dog with good bite, strong foreface with good width of skull, correct ear set, strong neck, deep chest, level topline to a correct set on tail. Well muscled, in good coat, just preferred the side gait movement of first on the day. Res CC. 3) Abberann Karl. Young dog that has to mature for this class but has lots of promise. Good head & bite with correct ear placement, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, deep chest, good topline with correct tail set, good angulation, moved well with drive.

JB: 1) Amhard Ginger Snap. Wheaten with good bite, good eye colour, typical young Glen expression, she used her ears which were the correct size & shape. Good neck & shoulder placement, deep chest, level topline & good tail set, neat feet with good turn out, nice rear angulation, moved with drive. Res CC & BP.

PGB: 1) Bailielands Leanbh Orga (Jun Ch). Wheaten of 20 months. Nice bitch with good bite, strong jaw, pleasing head & eye, good width to skull, deep chest with plenty of heart room, nice lay of shoulder, good angulation, moved well with good driving action. 2) Amhard Ginger Galore. Wheaten with pretty head, a little longer in muzzle than her litter sister, nice dark eye, correct ear set & placement, good topline & tailset, moved well.

OB: 1) Ir/Ch Abberann Ennya. Wheaten I have admired from being a youngster & not disappointed going over her, loads of ring presence. Good bite, expressive eyes, good width of skull, correct ears, well muscled neck leading onto good shoulders, good front, deep chest, good topline, good turn of stifle, well off for bone, very powerful girl which shows in her movement, a rear driving action made her movement look effortless as she floated around the ring. Shown well, only criticism was her coat, I have seen her in better jacket but it didn’t stop her being awarded the CC & BOB. 2) Ir Ch Abberann Eilish at Kirikee. Correct mouth, nice head piece, appealing dark eyes, nice front & feet, strong neck, good lay of shoulders, deep chest, correct topline, well off for bone, presented in lovely coat & condition but her movement was very unsettled today. 3) Amhard Extra Spice. Good mouth, dark eye, correct front, shoulder & topline, good tailset, good coat texture. Movement okay.