Optigen Summer Special on PRA Testing

August 18, 2012 through September 04, 2012 – SUMMER DISCOUNT DAYS (OPEN
OptiGen will be offering our Summer Discount Days for online entries
starting August 18th through September 3rd. Entries need to be made
during that time using the code SPLASH812 for the maximum discount of
25%. Clients will have up to 30 days from the date of their online
request to get samples to OptiGen for testing. For more information,
please contact Becky at 607-257-0301 or email genetest@optigen.com.
Happy Summer!

Contact: Becky Iddings
Email: genetest@optigen.com

1 thought on “Optigen Summer Special on PRA Testing

  1. It’s probably easier to do Optigen testing through an organised session, as there are very strict packaging and labelling rules for blood samples going to the USA. Val Tiller organises two sessions a year … and she has one coming up in September, with 30% discount for online submission.

    From Val:

    Optigen are offering 30% discount off DNA tests, paid for online, at Val Tiller’s next Optigen 20/20 Clinic, on Tuesday, 18th September, in Epsom, Surrey.

    Glens are invited to be DNA tested for crd3-PRA. Clients may attend the clinic in person, or be Postal Participants.

    Contact Val Tiller direct for further details and to book places: E-mail: val.tiller@talk21.com or Tel: (01372) 273597.

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