And another question for consideration…

Should the Irish Glen Of Imaal Terrier as outlined in the IKC breed standard , the breed standard of the country of origin, be the one followed by all? With particular reference to the weight and height as currently indicated

SIZE (Height & Weight)

Height at the withers: Dogs 14 inches (35,5 cm) is the maximum. Bitches: accordingly less.

Weight: Dogs: 35 lbs (16 kg).  Bitches: accordingly less.

The above question has been running for a while on a social networking site and we were asked if it would be appearing on here so thank you to the original questioner for allowing it to be used here. For interest (and by request) the following photographs are posted

Welsh Kennel Club 2012 critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers: Welsh Kennel Club

Quite a mix of shapes, sizes & coats. I was surprised to have a few with incorrect mouths. Some fronts over-bowed & feet a problem.

JD (2) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz, masculine, good width & strength to head, well carried ears, correct eyes, enough neck. Feet could be tighter. Topline rises. Well muscled rear.

LD (4) Mixed & difficult class. 1 Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon, won on his movement & mouth. Masculine head of strength, well set ears, strong neck, well laid shoulder. Front could be slightly more bowed & only has a slight rise to topline. Well made & strong rear. 2 Welch’s Romainville Brannigan at Brockland, in very good coat & topline rises nicely. Masculine head, very good ears & eyes. Slightly too much bow to front legs, well bent stifle & low hocks, well set on tail, uses rear well. 3 Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara.

OD (3) 1 Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, very good dog for outline & type. Masculine head, well set ears, round eyes, strong neck, well laid shoulder. Could have more upper arm. Rise to topline, fair rear. A bit close up & down moving but very good in profile. CC & BOB. 2 Smith’s Romainville Bodhran, earned place on his outline & type. Pleasing head, good neck. Would like a better coat. Good feet, well ribbed, fairly strong rear. RCC. 3 Hardy’s Amhard Damson Sauce.

JB (3) 1 Hardy’s Amhard Ginger Snap, quite a nice type feminine bitch, well set ears, fair front. Feet rather slack & pasterns could be better. Well ribbed back, rise to topline. Could have more bend of stifle. Better coat than 2 Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira, liked her head, OK neck. Too much bow to front legs but feet OK. Rise to topline, very good ribs. Not in full coat. 3 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie.

PGB (1) 1 Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan, very sound, free moving bitch whose outline looks better on the move than stood & shows enough rise to topline. Liked her strength of head & big black nose, strong neck, liked her front, super body & rib. Could have more turn of stifle. Very well muscled. Coat a bit full. RCC.

LB (2) 1 Hardy’s Amhard Extra Spice, feminine & typy, could perhaps be slightly bigger & have more width to skull. Very sound mover, nice legs & feet, well ribbed body & fair rise to topline, strong rear, coat OK. 2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Inki, not in the best of coats & a bit lazy with tail. Feminine head, correct neck, very good feet, well sprung ribs, fair rise in topline. Tail just a bit low set. Rear fairly well made.

OB (1) 1 Seall’s Brockland Belle Bregorrey, very happy bitch who moves very well. Super mouth, feminine head of good width, strong neck, well made front, good spring to rib, rise in topline. Could have more hind angulation. Coat just coming in but texture OK. CC.



You may have missed this.

As is written repeatedly this blog relies on input from you. Whilst fully aware that some Glen of Imaal Terrier people have no interest in Field Sports others do which is why we agree that, yes, this should be bought to attention.

Whilst the Olympics were on the RSPCA quietly dropped the private prosecution it had brought against Heythrop huntsman Julian Barnfield relating to two allegations from the 2010/11 hunting season. In offering no evidence the RSPCA admitted what we had always believed; that the allegations were spurious and completely without merit. This retreat should not go unnoticed, however, not least as the RSPCA has launched a second, larger prosecution involving Heythrop hunt staff, masters and the hunt as a whole.

There is something very unseemly about the RSPCA using the court system to pursue its political agenda. Worse than that, the costs of these legal adventures are being borne by you and me. The bill for preparing and fighting Julian’s case is well into 5 figures and common sense would suggest that the organisation that chose to prosecute should meet that cost. The court, however, decided that the taxpayer should pay for the failure of the RSPCA’s prosecution through public funds.

Simon Hart MP recently asked the Ministry of Justice how much money had been paid from public funds to meet the cost of failed RSPCA prosecutions. He was told that the Ministry did not hold such figures. When Legal Aid funding is being cut to the bone it cannot be right that the Government is signing cheques to meet the cost of failed RSPCA prosecutions without even the most basic of scrutiny.

Of course there are also significant costs to the RSPCA in bringing prosecutions, whether they win or lose. Solicitors and barristers do not come cheap, especially for a huge case like that it plans against the Heythrop. Yet the RSPCA is currently making a 130 staff redundant and imposing cuts that will undoubtedly impact on its important animal welfare work.

The RSPCA faces charges of politicising the legal process, skewed internal priorities and wasting public money. It would be well advised to leave the hunting field and concentrate on real animal welfare issues.

Really good weekend!

Lots of Glen of Imaal Terriers were out and about over the weekend but it just has to be a Veteran applause once more. At Welsh Kennel Club Brockland Brayhead Lad was Best of Breed but the Bitch Ticket went to (sister)Brockland Belle Bregorrey. Picking up the 3rd CC as a Veteran and after a later life litter just shows how fit our breed is in middle age. The two Reserves went to Romainville Bodhran and Romainville Tigan respectively so a double, double for breeders Ruth Welch and Kathy George.

Scandinavia saw a double in Sweden for SE UCH Abigail and at Heinola (Finland) Jeonty Flown Finnair took Best of Breed. Norway had the Oslo International and Best of Breed there was Gleann Uaid McDonald. In America Ch Niamh of Cnoc BN, RN, NAP, NJP showed her brains and beauty with a Group 1 in the Owner Handler terrier Group at SNKC and a Group 4 at Tioga Kennel Club. Many congratulations!!