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  1. Wondering who the English bred bitch is who produced prick ears, bright red coats, leggy specimens and a predominantly white” puppy and was this all in one litter?! Was this a recent breeding or from decades ago? Also, how can we be certain the stud had nothing to do with the makeup of the litter?

    • The bitch was whelped in England so she was “English bred”-her parents weren’t though. Of course the dog did just a bit of contributing

  2. In the not so distant past Sputnik a very good working glen had a pink nose,and a man in the 1960s and 70s did have litters which could be either glen or wheaten. Thats known by at least 1 lady in the UK and the bits of other breeds have made the breed as good as it is. A hard nailed tough dog which can hunt anything and is still a great people dog.

  3. Even though i had already seen this article, i’m really glad that you shared it. This is what the Glen is all about.

  4. Jo if you have a read you will see this it was a few years ago if you look at the mens names and dogs concerned. On a point i have used an English bred of English lines male once the 1st cross wasnt bad when i put a pup of that litter back to my old dog Fred they went all over the place as a type. When i then bred a bitch of that litter back to an Irish bred dog of similar lines to my own we got the type back. This happens when you breed some English lines are inbred and differ from the Irish lines so this happens its like an out cross,
    This happens with all livestock breeding all the time nothing wrong with it you just breed back to your prefared type retaining your prefared stock for breeding and then breed back.

  5. Lets be honest, there is two types of Glen. I know which one i prefer. I have seen the two types together, the difference is massive, not just in size, but jaw, head and even the coat.

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