Glens do more than show!

From Laura Trainor “Niamh is amazing. Two days of agility in 90 degree heat. She finished her
Novice Jumpers With Weaves Preferred title yesterday and earned her first
Qualifying score in Novice FAST. Today she earned her first Q in Time To
Beat Preferred and Open Jumpers. She also finished her Novice Standard
Preferred title”.

This now makes Niamh (deep breath for full title) Ch. Niamh of Cnoc BN, RN, NAP, NJP.  The suffixes are Beginner Novice (obedience), Rally Novice (Rally obedience), Novice Agility Preferred (Standard agility), Novice Jumpers Preferred (Jumper With Weaves agility). Congratulations indeed to Laura and for non US Glen of Imaal Terrier people this, with the side links, explains what Niamh has actually done


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