A MOST interesting question!

We asked for questions regarding Glen of Imaal Terriers; this is the latest to come in:

Spent a lot of time last weekend looking at Glens and wondering about the appearance of different degrees of achondroplasia in our breed.  Achondroplasia is recesive, right?  We know that pups are born on occasion who are not dwarfs (they appear leggy and exceed the standard for height), but is it also possible that some Glens who fall within the standard for height are also not dwarfs? 

When I look at some Glens they are unquestionably dwarfs with legs so short that they more move more like caterpillars than dogs compared to other Glens, am I just seeing different “degrees” of achondroplasia, or is it possible that there are Glens who are under 14 inches but are not really achondroplastic?  Wasn’t the Lakeland terrier used to bring Glens back from near extinction?  That is a small breed but not a dwarf breed, right?  When I see a Glen of Imaal Terrier with an unusually small head I wonder if I am seeing Lakeland or other small terrier influence today?