7 thoughts on “Driffield entries close and change of judge

  1. It would be a great progression/advantage if a number of judges were willing to specialise in “achondroplastic breeds”.(instead of groups).We than could gather them all (the breeds) around the same show ring…to be juged accordingly (with specialized knowledge)
    Sharing “all” our personal (breed to breed) experiences and learn from eachother!



  2. Robert Hutchinson
    Browntrout Pub, 30-apr.-2005 – 112 pagina’s
    “For the Love of Dachshunds” is the most deeply researched, brilliantly argued, and archly entertaining book on the Dachshund ever written. In 112 full-color photographs, a prestigious group of dog photographers captures the spirit of the Dachshund as a living companion. Robert Hutchinson’s text peers deep into the ancient soul of the fifth most popular dog breed in the United States today and reveals for the first time its whole fascinating story.

    Many of his discoveries contradict the standard breed literature.

    This is a book that must be reckoned with by all students of the breed and savored by all Dachshund lovers. ISBN 1-56313-903-0

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