2 thoughts on “Your chance to have a say

  1. For anyone wishing to know what questions are asked, I have listed them below. The responses are Agree / Disagree / Neutral. There is a box for further comments at the end of the survey.

    Current registration services should be tiered and offer different levels of registration
    If you agree, please specify what tiers you would suggest

    Litter registration with the Kennel Club should include the supply of a pedigree certificate
    If you agree, and if it is necessary to increase the price of registration is you answer still the same

    Registration documents should include all available health related information
    If you agree, please indicate whether information to health data via the KC website would be sufficient

    High volume breeders should fulfil a different or additional criteria before Registration is accepted
    If you agree, please specify what criteria you would suggest

    Veterinary health checks and/or health testing should be required for all dogs before they are bred from

    Veterinary health checks and/or health testing should be required for all dogs before they are entered or compete in a KC licensed event

    If you are in agreement with either of the veterinary health check related questions, does membership of the Assured Breeder Scheme satisfy your suggestion?

  2. The questions listed in my previous post are for breeders / exhibitors. These are the questions for dog owners who do not breed, or exhibit or complete with their dogs:

    (i) I specifically wanted a dog that was registered with the Kennel Club
    (ii) I believe that responsible breeders register with the Kennel Club
    (iii) Kennel Club registration is a mark of quality
    (iv) The Kennel Club pedigree certificate (family tree) is important to me as an owner
    (v) Having an official Kennel Club registration document to demonstrate I am the registered owner is important to me
    (vi) I was not concerned whether my dog was Kennel Club registered
    (vii) I believe dogs should be health tested if they are to be bred from, shown or used in competition

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