Any idea?

It’s obviously Sue & Liz and its at the NEC and Liam is the Glen of Imaal Terrier on the lead. It’s also a fair bet that it is an Easter bonnet parade but nobody can exactly remember and that includes the person who took the photograph!

Anybody got any idea why and what year?

9 thoughts on “Any idea?

  1. Was it the year that Birmingham National held their show at the NEC? I can’t remember when that was, only that Maurice Marshall judged CT and our BOB didn’t stay for the group!

  2. By deduction, as Liam wasn’t entered in 2001, it must be 2000.
    The Easter Bonnet contest had a cash first prize for breed rescue. We didn’t win but got placed and a bottle of Spanish fizz.
    The bunny ears are someone in a bugs suit stood outside the ring!

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