Driffield Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

JD (1) 1 Howarth’s Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview, very promising youngster, excellent bone & substance for his age, balanced head of good size, pleasing eye & expression, well made front, good depth, strong well rounded quarters. Once he got into his stride moved soundly with drive. RBD.

LD (3) 1 Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara, very typical throughout, blue of great strength & looks as if he could do a day’s work, best of heads, well set ears, excellent strength of muzzle, strong muscular neck, good spring of rib, firm topline, well muscled hindquarters, very positive on the move. BD & BOB; 2 Hardy’s Amhard Freebooter, pleasing make & shape, good head & expression, strong jaw, big teeth, good width of chest, excellent depth throughout, well bent stifles, good coat, moved well, but not the attitude of the winner.

YD (0).

OD (1) 1 Hardy’s Amhard Damson Sauce, good size with excellent strength & substance throughout, typical head, good eye colour & pleasing expression, well boned forelegs, good feet, strong well muscled body, nicely round quarters, moved with purpose once he got his mind on the job in hand.

JB (3) 1 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, lovely type of youngster who shows much promise, good make & shape, best of heads, good eye & expression, well set ears, strong deep body, well sprung ribs for her age, good coat of correct texture, moved well. RBB; 2 Hardy’s Amhard Ginger Galore, pleasing outlook, typical head, good eye & expression, well made front, good depth throughout, strong hindquarters, sound on the move. Not as mature in body as the winner.

LB (0).

YB (2) 1 Hardy’s Amhard Ginger Snap, wheaten of good size & presents a very typical outlook, pleasing bone & substance throughout, good head shape, strong muzzle, keen eye & expression, good body lines, excellent depth throughout, best of quarters with a good bend of stifle, moved soundly. BB; 2 R Uptown Girl. OB (0).


Montgomery Cluster

If anybody is going over to America for the Montgomery cluster they will see a ruck of Glen of Imaal Terriers

Hatboro I: Entry–28   9-8  (6-5)
Hatboro II: Entry–33   11-10  (7-5)
Devon: Entry–39     10-13 (8-5)
Montgomery: Entry– 58   11-13 (9-4) 21
Sweeps: Entry –12  4-8
Vet Sweeps: Entry–3   1-2

58 is the biggest ever for Montgomery. Glens are in the ring at 8.30 am!

Really, why?

Yesterday this was sent along with the accompanying two words of the subject line. When many feel the Kennel Club should be going back to basics and concentrating on pedigrees again it’s a very succinct two word comment. Longer ones are welcome.

As the year moves into Autumn…

…Glen of Imaal Terrier people are still out and about.

At Driffield Championship Show Best Dog (and Best of Breed) was awarded to Kirikee Ronan O’Gara with Amhard Ginger Snap Best Bitch. In Ireland there were back to back shows-one national and one international-and Ch Abberann Karl was BOB at both. The American Kennel Club really give dogs, and owners, a chance to test their brains and “Sullivan” Lopez passed his Odour Recognition Test. An individual scent discrimination test is a new award to folk east of the Atlantic Ocean. Well done everybody.

Darlington 2012 critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

JD1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Wizz, good head, ears & eye, strong underjaw, good bite, nice bone, OK in shoulder & topline, well made hindquarters, good muscletone, moved out well. RCC; 2 Howarth’s Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview, blue, head needs to break. Nice eye, good mouth, nice body shape, strong quarters. Not the front of 1, needs to settle moving; 3 Davis’ Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns.

LD 1 Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara, blue, OK in head, strong muzzle, good underjaw, big strong teeth, neat ears, good expression, nice body lines, strong quarters; 2 Horton’s Jeonty Highlander Boy, wheaten, OK in head, strong underjaw, good bite. Little upright in shoulder. Well bodied, good bone, short of coat.

OD 1 Garner’s Jonny Be Good at Romainville, wheaten in good coat, good skull, nice eye, rose ears, good expression, strong neck, correct topline, strong hindquarters, moved well, handled & presented well. CC & BOB.

PB1 Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance, brindle, good outline, very nice coat & condition, head of good shape, lovely eye, good ears, strong neck, good quarters, moved sound. RCC; 2 Conckayne’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle, nice head & eye, strong muzzle, good bite, well boned legs & feet, in good body for age, good rear, well muscled. Needs work on coat & needs to settle on the move.

JB 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie, nice outline, in good order, nice head, good ears, nice eye, super mouth, good front, well boned legs & feet, lovely body lines, powerful quarters, moves soundly but would like more spark & attitude; 2 Hannington’s Uptown Girl, brindle, OK in head & ears, good bite. Would like more bone, little straight in stifle, moved OK, not profile of 1.

PGB 1 Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Kyla, wheaten coat, strong head, good muzzle, powerful underjaw, good bite, rose ears, good eye shape, well boned legs, good front & topline, strong hindquarters, moved sound. CC; 2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Inka, blue, very nice type, in good body, good front & rear. Not putting in on the move.

LB 1 Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan, wheaten, very nice type, powerful head, lovely eye & ears, good front & body shape, well made quarters. Coat passed its sell by date, not settled on the move, very difficult to assess.

OB 1 Seall’s Brockland Belle Bregorry, brindle, in good order, nice outline, good head, eye & mouth. Would like better ears. Good neck & topline, moved soundly.


As the 2013 diaries are now appearing in the shops..

Judges for Glen of Imaal Terriers at 2013 UK Championship Shows that have Challenge Certificates on offer

07/03/2013 Crufts Mr Nick Hammond

06/04/2013 National Terrier Club Mrs J Averis

09/05/2013 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mr R W J Thomas

17/05/2013 Scottish Kennel Club Mrs P J Withers

24/05/2013 Bath Canine Society Mr P R Eardley

13/09/2013 Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd Mr J Luscott

11/10/2013 South Wales Kennel Association Mrs C J Rogers

December 2013 Glen of Imaal Association Mrs M Barrass

The above judges are the ones (up to yet) passed by the relevant Kennel Club Committee

Do you know different?

The question has come in as to when a Glen of Imaal Terrier was last shortlisted in the Puppy Group at a Championship Show in the UK? Obviously this has come on the back of Bregorrey Madam Defiance and her listing at Darlington last weekend. The books have been dug out and the last that can be found was Malsville Man Alone in 1986 and he is the only Glen ever to have a Junior Warrant (up to yet). Is it really 20 odd years?

Out and About VERY Successfully

Glen of Imaal Terriers were certainly getting themselves noticed over the weekend. GCH Finnabair Song O’My Heart took two Group 1s and GCH Cill Dara’s Fergus of Daulton had two Group 2s at the fabulous named Licking River cluster. Even the youngsters got noticed with a Puppy Group 1 for Bregorrey Sovereign Storm. America wasn’t the only place that Glens earned glory as Carlow saw Multi Champion Abberann Conan get nodded into Group 1 and then BIS 4.

In Finland Hyvinka Group Show had Rosears Ablooming Bud take Best Veteran as well as Best of Breed. It was also the Dutch Glen Club Show and they send the following:-

Yesterday, September 15, the Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers held their annual Clubmatch. 25 Entries and not one was absent!Over 20 entries means that the the winning dog and bitch get double CAC’s.Judge was mrs. M. Jansen-Kalshoven. It was not her first time, in 2005 she also judged on a Clubmatch and in 2003 on Young Dogs Day.Her Winner of the day was a lovely bitch, 4,5 years old “Nuala” (Clogging Grián Tatler Jack X Treasa Jade Tailwaggor Tyndall). BOS became Billy Tow vom Au Deich (Meglen Finbar v.d. Vroongronden X Anouk vom Au Deich), an impressive wheaten male of 3,5 years of age.