A statement from Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier:

The annual anniversary meeting of the Association of Judges has recently been held in the Netherlands and this year the invitation went to the Irish Native Breeds. Each breed club was invited to send two representatives. As there are two Glen of Imaal Terrier Clubs in the Netherlands we were asked to bring one representative each. No acceptance of the invitation was received from Irish Glen of Imaal Terriër Club Nederland so we were asked to take both specimens.

On the day of the presentation we duly attended with the requested two and discovered that Irish Glen of Imaal Terriër Club Nederland were in attendance with extra Glens. Unfortunately these Glens were of very strong temperament and all present were aware of their views of the other animals in the room. When it was the turn of the Terriers the small ring was very crowded as the invited eight (2 x 4 Irish breeds) were joined by the two extra. These extra two continued to express their opinion on the other Glens present to such a degree that the Chairman of the event had to instruct them to move away and give more space.

Almost every judge in the Netherlands was present and there, for them to see, were Glen of Imaal Terriers behaving just as the Breed Specific Instructions had indicated; aggressive to other dogs. The BSI will be evaluated in a year or so and the judges present at the anniversary meeting will decide who is on it and what for. The events of the day may very well influence them as far as the Glen is concerned

Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier