Yes, it is a Glen of Imaal!

Have you seen? What do you reckon? The answer is yes it is a Glen of Imaal Terrier. Ruby Samuels is the poster girl for the John Lewis ad company.ย  So now onto her CV of being the dam of a Champion and a wizard at agility (it’s her in the Companion Show photographs) so can add media star. Very multi-talented some of our Glens!

11 thoughts on “Yes, it is a Glen of Imaal!

  1. She’s not really next to it! lol I love it, also love they thinly she’s a puppy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wonderful multi-talented Glen. BTW – my Glens respect my cats. They are taught the fierceness of claws at an early age.

  3. My glens lived with the cats no problem but a stranger in the garden was enemy number one. Mind you Growler the big cat took great pleasure in punching any puppy that thought he looked interesting and I mean punch with a capital P and one that Henry Cooper would have been proud of. Think that is why all the glens pespected the cats.

  4. Jean thats a very valid comment its what animals are brought up around my glens are all livestock broken but we dont own cats and i race pigeons.Mine just dont accept cats i have not trained them to chase cats i have hens in the garden nothing but see a cat or a fox its different.

    • Interesting point Steve. We had a rabbit (Belgian Hare x Flemish Giant) who thought he was a dog. “Bionic Bunny” used to run round the garden with the dogs and a neighbour always said it was a sign the dogs were soft. One day he dropped Bobby(his coursing whippet) over the fence when Bionic Bunny was out in the garden. The rabbit just looked at the “intruder” on his property and chased him.

  5. All mine have been brought up around cats. I have a photo somewhere of Mahluf with the cat on his back, and Mutley and our cat Tigger are best mates. They sleep together and if Tigger comes in wet he makes Mutley lick him dry! lol

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