And over the weekend….

For once Glen of Imaal Terrier success is taking a bit of a back seat (it’ll be on here as usual tomorrow) as a wedding is celebrated. Over the years many people have got to know Nicki through her fabulous cakes, as well as her love for Glens, and on Saturday she and Richard became Mr & Mrs Montford. In a week of poor weather the Autumn sun came out for them and a fabulous day was enjoyed. Just as a side note Nicki, Lynne and Liz would like to assure people they will not be appearing dressed like that at Crufts!

7 thoughts on “And over the weekend….

  1. We had an amazing day. Will make a special cake for crufts so everyone can celebrate with us.


    Nicki and Richard Montford

    P.s are you sure you don’t want us to wear them in the big ring at crufts x

  2. So very sorry to have missed it. Glad weather was okay and it all went well. You both look very happy and hope you enjoy your honeymoon. Lovely to see your dad made it okay.
    Take care , love to you both

  3. Congratulations Nicki and Richard. Lovely pictures. Have a wonderful honeymoon.
    Debby & Ian

  4. Take the dress with you to Crufts and if you get to the big ring wear it with pride!

    Glad the sun shone on the day and hope it shines throughout your marriage.

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