SWKA 2012 Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

Today all the Glen of Imaal Terriers presented to me full filled the criteria of the breed standard regarding length “deep and of medium length, slightly longer than height at withers”- with none of the extra long body Glens that are starting to appear exhibiting today. The entry overall was very interesting as it fully explored many of the interpretations of the sometimes vague standard. Everything is obviously judged on the day but it would be ridiculous in a breed as small as Glens to pretend the animals before you are unknown; a prime example being the Dog CC and Best of Breed Johnny Be Good at Romainville.  In a breed where overall presentation has gone a bit down recently his is always good but has sometimes been way too extreme. He is a smaller quite masculine dog with a superb wheaten coat and feathering that can smother him and render his movement and balance almost invisible. Judging is always first impressions so coat has to be mentioned again with the Reserve Dog CC Romainville Typhoon. Rather than the shorter body jacket and big feather of the CC winner he is often seen in so much hair all over he is impossible to assess properly but today both of them were excellent. Yes there is a lot more to a Glen than coat, it is one of the most distinctive breeds in profile, but that is the thing that makes or breaks the looks of a Glen. It is up to exhibitors whether they use it to compliment their dogs or not but at twenty pounds plus an entry it could make sense to decide not to hide your animal.

Overall there was plenty of muscle to be felt but a lot of it was due to leaping and jumping rather than steady constant road work and it gives totally different movement. Compliments to the way mouths continue to improve, only a few odd drop teeth and acknowledgement to Kathy George as three of the top four were of her affix.

Puppy Dog: 1)Bregorrey Wannabe Victory at Jeonty. 10 months old brindle and raw, raw, raw. He has nothing and everything. He’s got the bone and the head. What’s parallel movement? He could probably do it very well if he ever manages to sort out what to logically do with his legs. A pup that could have a lot of promise if the work is done with him.

Junior Dog: 1) Romainville Billy Wizz. An interesting wheaten young dog who can’t make his mind up whether a pup or an adult. Moves stiffly behind to begin with and then settles like a dream. At the moment an animal that looks bigger than he is as some bits have begun to mature and others haven’t. He’s got everything there, including excellent bone, and will be an interesting animal in a year or so.

Post Graduate Dog: 1) Jeonty Dinky Doughnut. A smaller wheaten dog all round but very much in proportion. Good head and bone for his size. Backline, muscle and movement very good.

Limit Dog: 1) Romainville Typhoon. A revelation. As previously mentioned this brindle dog is often hidden in the ring by an over heavy, over long coat but today he looked the business. His strong head, nice turn of front, good neck, typical topline, drive and balance just shouted.  If his owners could just get it all together this dog could be like many of the Glens throughout the years; gets older and gets better. Reserve CC.

Open Dog: 1) Johnny Be Good at Romainville. This is the Marmite Glen, you either love him or hate him, so let’s get it out of the way. He could have a better eye shape and colour and his front isn’t his best feature though both are adequate. What he does have is neck, topline, power. He has angles, drive, presence. There is a good skull, nice ears, outstanding presentation and total balance. Dog CC (his 3rd) and Best of  Breed.

2) Romainvillle Bodhran. A strong brindle Glen all through with outstanding muscle behind. Just doesn’t get it together like number one but a lot to like.

Puppy Bitch: 1) Bregorrey Madam Defiance & 2) Bregorrey Lady BelleIsle. Two sisters that are quite different and will probably change places but at the moment Madam Defiance is an object lesson in Glen puppydom. She is far more a finished item than her sister and her presentation and red brindle coat are text book. She has balance, type, proportion and even a backline, which many puppy Glens don’t. A little straight behind maybe but at the moment is certainly a prospect. Best Puppy. Lady BelleIsle has superior muscle development and wonderful drive behind but needs a lot of coat work, is rangier and not as together as her sister. A nice pair.

Junior Bitch: 1) Romainville Jean Genie. Nice brindle bitch that has all the requisites of bone, rib, head, neck, body and good drive. Like the Junior Dog in that typical in between stage and like him indicates another twelve months should see a very competitive animal.

Post Graduate Bitch: 1) Romainville Inki. A seriously typy brindle Glen that has shape, proportion, angulation, head, rib, good movement and a serious disinclination to really show herself off.

Open Bitch: 1) Ch Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty. Certainly wasn’t being hidden by her coat and that nearly cost her the first place but what was there was developing well with the desired harsh texture and it certainly allowed her excellent run of head to neck to shoulder and superb forehand to be appreciated by everybody ringside. Excellent strong, yet feminine, head at the front and enough muscle at the rear gave her the CC. Really nice mover.

2) Romainville Aoife at Pajantick. Reserve CC but only just lost out. Everything about this wheaten bitch draws sage nods of approval but the head of Winnie and her better movement was what finally decided it.

Veteran Bitch: 1) Brockland Belle Bregorrey. Lovely, ultra typy, brindle smaller bitch that is carrying those few extra pounds that means the neck becomes stuffy and movement looses the edge.

Harold Gay (Judge)


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  1. Interesting standard definition.
    I know the international (F.C.I.) and original Irish Standard only as: “Body longer than high and low to the ground.” Something new?
    Norman Blänkner (Germany)

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