Midland Counties critique

midland counties canine society – glen of imaal terrier

pd – 1st rogame alfie – very young pup with plenty of developing still to do , but displayed a pleasing head , with correct bite .nice broad chest and good length of body – creating a fair overall balance for such a young dog , which helped to give decent movement

pgd -1st romainville billy wizz – again a young dog with time to mature , but already displays a real masculine , strong type . broad , powerful head with good bite . well boned and gave impression of real strength .strong neck .well sprung rib.powerful hindquarters . displayed lovely topline and was well handled and presented to very much deserve BD. 2nd donvalset rafferty at viahinnis – another strong type of dog , with good bone and well muscled all over . good weather proof coat , but lacked the overall balance of 1st

od – 1st johnny be good at romainville – smaller type of glen , but still had good substance and lovely overall balance . good bite . well sprung ribs . good length and topline which helped deliver sound movement . superb coat , well handled and presented . strong challenger RB.  2nd romainville typhoon – strong head and jaw , with good bite . good bone giving strong front and shoulders . powerful in hindquarters which gave good movement – lacked the overall balance of 1st

pb – 1st bregorrey lady belleisle – a more mature pup , that has certainly developed very soundly . retaining it’s femininity , but still showing a strong head , with good bite . well boned and muscled all over – helping to give a good outline and sound movement , well handled. a light coat , but well presented. 2nd rogame anjelica – a very young puppy , still finding her feet in the show ring . very feminine , with a good bite.  nice length in body  and good topline . good bone with strong hindquarters

pgb – 1st romainville inki – super strong head and jaw  , with good bite and nice ears . good bone and strong front . well sprung ribs and good length of body – with good topline . well presented with good coat . handled well to show very sound movement RB. 2nd romainville moira – nice head with great eye and expression . good bite . when settled showed good movement . again lacked the balance of 1st

ob – 1st romainville ellie – super feminine bitch but still presenting good substance . well proprtioned , strong head , with good bite . strong , well boned front . strong neck andwell angled shoulder . good length with strong loin and topline . presented a lovely outline and great overall balance . well handled to  deliver lovely movement – a well deserved winner of BB and BOB. 2nd romainville sffie at rogame- a strong  bitch , with good bone and muscle throughout . decent harsh coat . but lacked overall  balance of 1st

jason atkin-judge