Will it come here?

Glen of Imaal Terriers have participated for a few years in Earthdog trials in America but the sport isn’t really practised in Europe….until now. The FCI have been working on regulations for a while and recently held their first trial. The requirements are stricter than the US ones but it all makes for interesting reading. Will the Kennel Club adopt the hobby and if so which(AKC or FCI) will be the desired template?

2 thoughts on “Will it come here?

  1. Anything which improves the working ability of thr breed should be applauded it would nice then that to be a ” champion” a glen should be trial winner and show winner. Now that would be a step back in the right direction.

  2. Several countries in Europe have run go to ground trials using live game for decades. As most of you know several terrier breeds are classed as working breeds by the FCI and require such a certificate in order to become a full champion.

    The Irish Sporting Glen club runs exhibition shore work at their field day every year, using a dummy lure. It would be nice if this aspect of terrier sport could be developed further.

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