November 5th approaches

Fireworks and Glen of Imaal Terriers are usually reported as going rather well together. Years ago the EFG newsletter featured an indignant letter from an owner who had taken her Glen to a firework party. The Glen had sat there watching the fireworks and eating sausage rolls and hot dogs without a care in the world; the indignation was due to a lot of other people informing her it was cruel to bring him because the vets said so.

On a personal note large firework parties were always held and the dogs stayed out in their runs to share in it all, and also share the baked potato skins etc that were always left at the end but maybe times have changed. So thanks again for thinking of the blog and sending the following. Simon Callow (the Shakespere guy not Mr Permatan) has recorded a bedtime story to be downloaded and played to dogs. It is full of certain sounds that are supposed to calm dogs in case of stress. It’s certainly a different idea so why not try it if you have a Glen bothered by fireworks!

4 thoughts on “November 5th approaches

  1. Liz i always find this type of story interesting my dogs Glens and Jacks they work around shotguns and rifles yet detest fireworks. 4 yrs ago an old Jack bitch of mine a good tough little bitch Gyp who had survived cancer 2 yrs previous and was fit as a fiddle. Then during fireworks she had a stroke i had her destroyed 2 days later all my dogs are scared by them they are all kennelled and are gun steady.

  2. we tried this yesterday with Mutley. We played it twice, he was listening (doing the glen tilt with his head!) he then walked across the living room, got in his bed and closed his eyes! lol

  3. I agree Liz, our Bronte does’nt bat a eyelid when the fireworks are going, but this is a dog that as stood next to the modern bird scarer’s and still not flinched. My previous Glen was exactly the same.

  4. Tonight accord to Jan before work and as i have come home a B***dy nightmare the dogs hate them.

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