and the weekend saw…..

Puppy Glen of Imaal Terriers out at the Helsinki Puppy Show and Best of Breed was McCormac Sarait Muscraige. In Sweden the Swedish Terrier Show had Glenduff’s Carrick Quilly waved into the Best of Breed spot and in the UK Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty was BOB at Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire.

Over in America it was a big Floridian weekend. Tampa Terrier Club had a back to back with Cross Stone Copa Xavi at Castlerock Best of Breed on day 1 and Ch Murphy Emmett of Cnoc on Day 2. Hernando County saw GCH Kilkenny’s Sullivan of Castlerock get the Best of Breed ribbon.

Well done everybody.

3 thoughts on “and the weekend saw…..

  1. A comment here aimed at the show world how long are some of these dogs names going to get why not keep it simple and short.

  2. No Liz your right to a degree but in sheep for instance if you buy a ram with the breeders affix you cannot add your own say like my affix is Netherby you then can give it is name aka Ben or Bob,but the affix stays unchanged. So if you show that ram the breeder affix is all that is shown and i think thats right,I have never put my affix to a dog that has come to my kennel i did not breed i dont think a owner has the right to put thier name to something they didnt breed.

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