Inclusive or elitist?

The Kennel Club Question Time Event rolled into Leicester yesterday and, admittedly not the largest audience ever, five EFG badges could be seen so Glen of Imaal Terriers were very well represented indeed.

What can be said about the evening? The Kennel Club were charming, polite, nodded sagely, and agreed with many of the audience points. It was a wonderful illustration of how behind the KC are with general thinking (note that says how behind NOT are behind). The audience wanted to go for the jugular in health testing; they wanted it hard and they wanted it now. “It’s under review.” The audience wanted more restrictive registration. “It’s under review”. The audience wanted the Assured Breeder Scheme to mean something and wanted it tightening a lot…take a guess “it’s under review”. The audience wanted the Kennel Club to be pedigree dogs not crossbreeds and mutts. The Kennel Club thought that wasn’t such a good idea as it could be seen to be elitist!

It has to be said, so it might as well be done on here, isn’t the whole idea to be elitist? Aren’t we all striving to show that we are at least one rung above others? Isn’t the whole idea to show that pedigree dog people who have attached their banner to the KC are proud of what they do and want to stand up and shout about it? It might be nice of the Clarges Street hierarchy to attempt the inclusive route but do their “customers” (me and you) really want that?