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From the Irish Sporting Glen of Imaal Terrier Club:

The Irish glen of Imaal Sporting Club has been refused application for affiliation to the Irish Kennel club. The reason non so far despite contacting the kennel club 8 times in 2 week they still have not given us a reason for the refusal.  The glen of Imaal sporting club is the biggest Glen club in Ireland and is making great strides to ensure healthy dogs. We have a glen rescue centre for unwanted glens, A data base of Irish Glens to help members that want to breed, work out inbreeding % of the dogs so we can get it as low as possible to maintain strong dogs, and over 40 dogs DNA Tested for PRA in 4 years. We hold a field day and fun show every September and get 30 to 50 glens entered.   We applied for affiliation first in 2010 where we were told there would be a probation period of 3 years before full affiliation would be granted and we could carry on with our field days as normal until full affiliation was granted. We have not received any booklet with conditions or rules for  affiliation from the Irish kennel club. This means we have to guess our way through the year and what were supposed to do. Even on the web site if you were new to the breed there is no contact club for glens. (The Irish Glen of Imaal was a breed simply forgotten) not much is changing in the breed’s origin.

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  1. That decision is a Joke, Enda the IKC should hold thier heads in shame on this one did they give a reason? Dont give up on it right must be done in the end and i thought the kc was stupid.

  2. The contact details for the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Association of Ireland (Affiliated to the IKC) are on the IKC website, then click on Irish glen of imaal in the breeds section.

    As I explained on other sites the IKC website is being up-graded and as with any up-grade there will be glitches. Perhaps a simple question would have sufficed.

    May I ask where all the glens are when all the IKC Shows are on ? At present only a couple of us are showing. Of course you do not rate IKC Shows or the Judges and then I wonder why you want to be Affiliated to a Kennel Club that you have such a poor opinion of.

  3. Nick i have never commented on IKC judges and shows personally but if the sporting club was recogized perhaps more would show !. Maybe Nick they should all join the affiliated club im sure you would welcome all the sporting club members with open arms and they would help boost your membership . On not showing i cannot speak for anyone but myself but why do you think only 2 of you show ?do you have any thoughts on how you could increase that.
    The thing is that cost comes into it both countries are in a bad way with money being tight and in the UK entries have fallen due to £25 entry fees,plus fuel and time off work. I know we cannot go to more than 2 a year and some people may not want to pay for certain judges opinions at the end of the day the breed needs us all to work together.

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