Oh Dear!!!!

For the first time since the late 90s it has come to the attention that a dog dealer has decided to try Glen of Imaal Terriers. The original person imported a full litter and got stuck with some of them after they passed the cute 10-12 week stage and said they wouldn’t be doing it again and is as far as is known they haven’t.

This time somebody was offered the choice of six Glens and it was delivered to them. They were given paperwork of two separate pedigrees and told that their Glen was a brindle. The wheaten Glen is a very handsome individual and the owner of the bitch on the pedigree says she has never had a litter. Curiousity abounds as to where the other five have gone?

This is hopefully read by the converted but just in case you are reading this courtesy of an internet search for information on Glen puppies please remember the above….and the following.

Yes, the owner has a Glen but where from? Some of the breed have a very strong instinct not really suitable for a totally domestic enviroment.Yes, the owner has a Glen but what about health testing? All responsible breeders now eye test their dogs through Optigen or Bochum. Yes, the owner has a Glen but what if help is needed later? There is assistance out there but what about being able to speak to somebody who knows the parents?

If you want a Glen of Imaal Terrier puppy PLEASE use a reputable breeder and if in doubt ask for references. All Glen people will be happy to introduce you to somebody else with the breed.

Remember where you put it!

Even though it’s only early November many people will have had the National Terrier (April 2013) arrive through the door. Judge for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Judy Averis and there is a full classification for the breed. As there is Christmas and (possibly) a lot of friends and relatives arriving do remember where you put it ready for when February’s closing  date arrives!

November 5th approaches

Fireworks and Glen of Imaal Terriers are usually reported as going rather well together. Years ago the EFG newsletter featured an indignant letter from an owner who had taken her Glen to a firework party. The Glen had sat there watching the fireworks and eating sausage rolls and hot dogs without a care in the world; the indignation was due to a lot of other people informing her it was cruel to bring him because the vets said so.

On a personal note large firework parties were always held and the dogs stayed out in their runs to share in it all, and also share the baked potato skins etc that were always left at the end but maybe times have changed. So thanks again for thinking of the blog and sending the following. Simon Callow (the Shakespere guy not Mr Permatan) has recorded a bedtime story to be downloaded and played to dogs. It is full of certain sounds that are supposed to calm dogs in case of stress. It’s certainly a different idea so why not try it if you have a Glen bothered by fireworks!

Will it come here?

Glen of Imaal Terriers have participated for a few years in Earthdog trials in America but the sport isn’t really practised in Europe….until now. The FCI have been working on regulations for a while and recently held their first trial. The requirements are stricter than the US ones but it all makes for interesting reading. Will the Kennel Club adopt the hobby and if so which(AKC or FCI) will be the desired template?