The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme has had a lot of publicity and they are adding to the requirements all the time. Some are well documented but others not so much. The latest list of recommendations has a newbie at number 6 (vi) and number 8 (viii) is worth noting.

i) Make sure that facilities, including whelping facilities, accord with good practice.

ii) Follow any relevant breed specific recommendations.

iii) The contract of sale should clearly lay out to the buyer the nature and details of any guarantee given e.g. time limit and/or any provisions for refund or return and replacement of puppy. If endorsements are being used the contract should also explain why these have been placed and under what circumstances they would be removed (if any). The contract should be signed and dated by both breeder and purchaser, showing that both have agreed to these terms.

iv) Encourage new owners to take their puppy to the vet as soon as possible after taking delivery of it.

v) Commit to help, if necessary, with the re-homing of a dog, for whatever reason, throughout the dog’s lifetime.

vi) Kennel Club Assured Breeders should participate in any breed health survey or other health initiatives in their breed.

vii) Puppies should be permanently identified (microchip or tattoo) prior to sale or the puppy buyer advised that the puppy should be permanently identified (microchip or tattoo) at an appropriate time.

viii) Certain health tests which are appropriate to the breed should be carried out on puppies prior to sale.

ix) Any prospective purchaser must be able to view the puppy with its mother.