A busy couple of weeks.

Normally the period after Christmas and early January is rather short of news but this year it’s been busy so the slightly new direction taken has obviously met with approval. Nevertheless though it’s time for the Winter Break and to gird loins for a (hopefully) equally as busy Spring and onwards. Let’s make it a date for February 18th to hit the EFG blog icon on your favourites list once again.

Before we all airkiss goodbye for a few weeks there are just a couple of things: Crufts online entries close on January 14th and this timely reminder, particularly after the post of two days ago.

If your Glen of Imaal Terrier has been DNA tested for GPRA-crd3, please can you check that the result is listed on the Kennel Club website: There are links to lists of all the Clear, Carrier and Affected Glens.

If your Glen’s results do not appear on the list, please send a COPY of the DNA result certificate (from Optigen or Bochum, both now send results direct to the KC but it could have been missed) to the Kennel Club to:

Health & Breeder Services Department, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB

If you also want your Glen’s registration document updated, please send the original registration document (along with the copy of the test result certificate) and you will be issued with a new one, with the DNA status included.

4 thoughts on “A busy couple of weeks.

  1. Still not a good %age when you consider the number of Glens around, Only 1 affected ?

    • Another 3 Glens were DNA tested Affected but owners have not sent results to the KC. (They were done prior to the Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA Screening Scheme, which was established in October 2010).

      Another Glen has EYE tested Affected in the past year.

      And talking about eye testing … only 10 Glens have been eye tested in the last couple of years, since folk started DNA testing …

  2. Thank you Alison for your information out of interest what do the 2 research groups that found the tests say on eye testing post DNA testing ? That would be interesting is it still needed in their opinions ?

  3. Stephen

    I don’t know what the research labs say on eye testing, but as their projects were undertaken because of the evidence from eye test results, I would think that they would be all in favour of continuing eye testing …

    The GOITA committee were unanimous in voting in Clause 15 of their Code of Ethics, which includes the statement, “It is recommended that all dogs should still be eye-tested periodically as a
    safeguard against further eye conditions” and Professor Bedford writes for the GOITA Health page, “As a breed you have already developed the discipline of eye examination and you should continue, to be certain that another problem does not become entrenched within the breed …… Eye examination is essential to ensure that our delightful breed remains free from other potential ocular [eye] disease.”

    There is documented evidence that some Glens have been diagnosed with other forms of hereditary and congenital eye disease and so it would make sense to continue with a screening programme …

    Here is a new webpage, giving information about EYE and DNA testing sessions for Glens:


    Regards, Alison

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