How do you write this?

Yesterday was the full  joie-de-vivre of the Glen of Imaal Terrier with Finn wowing photographers at Westminster, smiles and laughter ruled. Today it’s as far from that as is possible to be but it’s still a tribute to a Glen. Shaughnessy was adored by Pam and Jody and admired in the ring by so many. He was a certified Therapy dog. He is now dead and everybody will recoil in horror as to the reason for his passing. It’s so little in such a circumstance but Glen folk all over the world send their sympathy and love.

3 thoughts on “How do you write this?

  1. Saw this at the weekend. Can’t believe someone could commit such an evil act. There is a place in hell for such terrible people.

    Sending love to Pam and Jody, our thoughts are with you at this terrible time.

    Love Nicki, Richard and Mutley xxxx

  2. The people doing this may well be druggies or so other of that type they will not give a fig what anyone thinks if they dont like something they wreck it or in this case kill it. Many guard dogs are killed in the USA ,Mexico,central America and even here in the UK by thieves, Nicki you say you cannot believe someone would do it . Im afraid im not just look at what humans do to other men ,women and children during criminal acts this was a dog so to the people who did this wont blink and i imagine they will not be caught.
    Nobody should ever have to come home to see that thank god the owners were out or who knows what could have happened.

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