As it is Easter weekend.

It’s Easter and that means chocolate! This is the BIGGIE weekend for chocolate giving and the family are often around. Families come with children who love to share with the dog and it isn’t only Glen of Imaal Terriers that will never say no if offered a succulent chunk again and again and again.

Too much chocolate is not good for a dog and for some even a small piece can mean serious problems. Even if your animal is used to the odd piece of chocolate now and again its usual sliver probably won’t be the premium stuff around over the next few days so don’t relax the guard. This may seem a bit over the top, a chocolate toxicity calculator for dogs, but it’s there for use if need be as it provides you with an indication of the symptoms your dog may experience after chocolate ingestion but just make sure you don’t need to use it!

It’s admitted-forgot

“Why haven’t you put up about the new Kennel Club service MyKC?”

Yes, we did have the email from the Kennel Club and yes it was supposed to go up the day after it was released but other things happened and it got forgotten so thank you for the reminder!

The Kennel Club have released a new service called MyKC which will enable their database to be viewed. You can see it from the pet person angle looking at names on their dogs pedigree and also from the breeder side checking future mates. It’s interesting and worth a look whatever your breed-not just Glen of Imaal Terriers.

Spreading the word!

Last week the Kennel Club four week free puppy insurance was mentioned. Over the weekend an email was received telling of the

Round the clock FREE veterinary advice
for your puppies’ new owners

It’s nice to know that the blog gets read in different circles!

Oh yes, the KC have confirmed (again) that the 4 week is NOT valid if you sell a puppy to a fellow breeder.



Let’s start the week…..

….with something aimed for opinions!

The EFG is still waiting for word from the Kennel Club regarding official recognition but we aren’t just sitting doing nothing. One of the things up for consideration is updating the Code of Ethics. It’s a decent code but nothing really startling and the current climate requires more so how far should we go? As it says we shall already be asking about DNA testing to be included-one of the things up for debate-but what else? Some countries check for anything and everything, the Finns put it all online, but others do nothing at all on an official basis.

It has always been a proud boast that the EFG is for the Glen of Imaal Terrier in its entirety so thoughts are invited? It would be nice if opinions (keep it clean please) could be placed on here but even if you are shy about publicly expressing do send Jean your thoughts-they will be taken.

You have to sigh sometimes

Spring is coming and many, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier people, are contemplating forthcoming matings. Part of the process with the selling of the (hoped for) puppies is to insure them so new owners will have peace of mind for those first important weeks. As we are talking pedigree Kennel Club registered puppies the mind usually turns to using the KC insurance but if you do keep something in mind.

If a fellow exhibitor who has ever bred anything is having one of your puppies-the intention of many matings-the KC insurance WILL NOT be valid. The terms and conditions say that cover will not be available for…and there on the list is “another breeder“. The KC have been asked about this and the reply was “oh yes, that’s quite correct. It’s aimed at first/pet owners”. Anybody got any idea why, once again, the established pedigree owner is discriminated against, and seemingly by our own Kennel Club?

Getting ready…

For the long term planners the 2013 judges of Glen of Imaal Terriers in the UK were Challenge Certificates are on offer are:-

06/04/2013 National Terrier Club Mrs J Averis

09/05/2013 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mr R W J Thomas

17/05/2013 Scottish Kennel Club Mrs P J Withers

24/05/2013 Bath Canine Society Mr P R Eardley

26/07/2013 Leeds City & District Canine Association Mr A P Stephenson

16/08/2013 Welsh Kennel Club Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews

13/09/2013 Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd Mr J Luscott

28/09/2013 Belfast Dog Show Society Mr P E Bakewell

11/10/2013 South Wales Kennel Association Mrs C J Rogers

07/12/2013 Glen Of Imaal Terrier Association Mrs M T Barrass