Assured Breeder Scheme Updates

The Kennel Club have announced that, from March 4th, the following will apply to the ABS. People already on the scheme will have 6 months to comply

Vet visit now a requiremenAssured Breeders were previously encouraged to ask puppy buyers to take their puppy to a vet after sale. 

They are now required either to incorporate this as part of their sales contract, or have the puppy inspected by a vet themselves prior to sale and pass any record of veterinary treatment or examination to the new owner.

Ten year records
Under the previous rules, Assured Breeders were asked to keep breeding records ‘detailing as a minimum dates and names at matings, whelpings and puppies born and weaned’. 
Now Assured Breeders must have records of :
Registration details including breed or description of type, 
registration number, 
date of birth, 
date of ownership and parentage;
Date of transfer (change of ownership)
Mating details (dates matings performed)
Details of puppies produced
Health screening test results
Permanent identification details
Date (and cause) of death (if known)
Date of sale of puppies and contact details of purchaser

The new rule which insists that a puppy is either checked by a veterinary surgeon prior to sale or shortly afterwards it is important that a vet sees a puppy in or near to the condition in which it was sold. 
This protects both the breeder and the puppy buyer. 
The easiest way for breeders to deal with this and to get the puppy buyer to understand its importance is by including this commitment within their contract of sale.

Up to yet it isn’t totally clear but it looks as if all ABS members in a breed WITH a known condition (i.e. CRD3 in Glen of Imaal Terriers) will have to get their puppies DNA tested before sale.

An interesting update from the Kennel Club but one question springs to mind; does the now 10 year rule indicate that the breed one litter and join, or even join before breeding a litter, will not be allowed? How can there by such a condition if a breed has only been owned for a few years?