It’s this week!

Crufts begins this week! Terrier Day is Thursday March 7th and judge Nick Hammond will be running his eye over 36 Glen of Imaal Terriers, some from overseas. Glens will be judged in Hall 1, Ring 2, after Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers so will not be judged until the afternoon. Even though breed judging only happens on Day 1 there will be Glens in the Terrier area of Discover Dogs for all four days

The EFG will be hosting their usual “bring and share” lunch for all Glen enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a Glen-just be enthusiastic about them. Jean Rogers is co-ordinating so do contact her for details.

6 thoughts on “It’s this week!

  1. i don’t have a schedule does anyone know which hall german shepherds are in and time
    on sunday? have my passes but can’t find them on the list of breeds so think we may not be first in?? anyone know where to look ….. on kc site?? kathy

  2. I’m going to make one of my choc cakes to celebrate our wedding as Rich and I have not seen any of you since we tied the knot. Will make some cupcakes too 🙂

  3. Kathy I just googled crufts breeds 2013. Says ring 9 hall 2, can’t see another breed in that ring do would poss be a 9 am start x

  4. Liz does you know what a Dutch dog show had the do with the sad loss of Frank Jones?

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