It’s begun!!!!

Crufts Day 1 is here so it’s the Terriers and Hounds strutting their stuff today. The Glen of Imaal Terriers will be on this afternoon and there will be photographs and results here tomorrow.

Do come and say hello if you are visiting the NEC.

2 thoughts on “It’s begun!!!!

  1. Fantastic day was great to meet the irish people they where great well done to all the dogs i handle and big well done to my storm and my pal woody

    And a big thank to all the people who made my dad welcome

    Thanks to all the people how made the day

    Sie Die Storm

  2. At Discover Dogs we had a nice steady day,Jan and myself with Ben,Jason and Louise with Nell,Bill and Eilleen with Sonny and Alan and his wife with Murphy. Their was interest in the breed and the comments on the dogs laid back approach to the visitors and other dogs was pleasing.
    All in all an enjoyable day on the stand with good company made it a real pleasure this year and thank you to Jean Rogers for sending Jan that plate of food it went down well.
    Its a sad point that dogs that qualify for this show cannot be shown due to the badly thought out laws meaning docked dogs cannot be shown so much for “fit for function” showing it in the case to be a farce.
    Please support docked and denied i for one will continue to dock as i work my dogs and that at the end of the day is what a Glen is all about.
    Well done to Jane Withers best Cesky and Sue Breeze Best Skye.

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