You have to sigh sometimes

Spring is coming and many, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier people, are contemplating forthcoming matings. Part of the process with the selling of the (hoped for) puppies is to insure them so new owners will have peace of mind for those first important weeks. As we are talking pedigree Kennel Club registered puppies the mind usually turns to using the KC insurance but if you do keep something in mind.

If a fellow exhibitor who has ever bred anything is having one of your puppies-the intention of many matings-the KC insurance WILL NOT be valid. The terms and conditions say that cover will not be available for…and there on the list is “another breeder“. The KC have been asked about this and the reply was “oh yes, that’s quite correct. It’s aimed at first/pet owners”. Anybody got any idea why, once again, the established pedigree owner is discriminated against, and seemingly by our own Kennel Club?

7 thoughts on “You have to sigh sometimes

    • When does a pet owner showing occasionally become an exhibitor and when does an exhibitor become a breeder? If you’ve never bred a litter (even just a singleton) ever, fine. If you have registered even one though will the KC consider you a breeder? Come to that it doesn’t say you have to have registered anything-just bred!

  1. So it doesn’t say anything about exhibitors then! Maybe you should change your statement to

    “If a fellow BREEDER (not exhibitor) is having one of your puppies …”

    • I love perdantic people Ali, it’s been I’m sure you’ll have already checked:-))

  2. Well according to the KC my 4 week insurance was invalid, seems they do not check it, so it is important to make sure the details are correct as with direct family owning a puppy as well, Better to be safe than sorry. Too many KC loopholes as with any types of insurances nowadays,

  3. Jean … your insurance WAS valid … (I’ve checked!) … the “or another breeder” is a recent addition to the KC insurance exclusion clause.

    Liz … much easier and less misleading to say

    “If a fellow breeder is having one of your puppies …”
    “If a fellow exhibitor who has ever bred anything is having one of your puppies …”

    Ali 🙂

  4. Ladies,Ladies can someone not simply write to the KC for a clarifying letter on the matter and then publish it on here?

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