National Terrier tomorrow

National Terrier, at Stafford Showground, has 36 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered for replacement judge Alan Small. The breed is scheduled after Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers so an after lunch judging time is anticipated.

Because of the pm start the EFG meeting will be held before judging. Why is there a meeting? It’s being called “Not the AGM” because, as the EFG isn’t KC registered yet, there isn’t any official need to have one but as it was 12 months ago the membership said preparation should formally begin towards recognition everybody is being updated on what has happened and what will be happening. Paperwork was sent out weeks ago but if you think you didn’t receive yours (or have put it somewhere safe) do drop Jean an email.

1 thought on “National Terrier tomorrow

  1. Don’t remember getting anything. Not doing NT this year, too much on next week and need a rest! ;-). Hope it goes well and good luck everyone x

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