Health Pages

If anybody tries to access the Glen of Imaal Terrier health pages through its own domain, via any search engine that has anything at all to do with Google, they will receive a message that there is malware present on the site. THIS INFORMATION IS WRONG.

The site was hacked back in February and was professionally cleaned of all virus and malware. Google was made aware of this, checked the site out, and finally removed the warning for They did not remove it for even though it is a sub-site (and part of) Google are aware of this and say they check all sites within a 90 day period (maximum) so as the malware was picked up on February 20th it could possibly be as late as mid May before the warning is removed by them.

All of the above site is absolutely fine but if still unsure, due to the Google warning, access to the health pages can be done via  and it will take you straight to the same place!