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What do you think?

The Kennel Club, supposed defender of the pedigree dog, is opening a debate on registering crossbreeds. It seems they see it as a boon for owners that want to health check respective parents and it is only cynical folk who see it as an increase to the KC coffers now registrations of pedigrees are falling. Thing is though what health checks would be done and why? The Glen of Imaal Terrier community have asked the KC to only register pups from parents that are DNA (crd3) tested; not a lot of dogs, easy to administer, supported by both breed clubs. The KC have said no. So in Glens, and many other breeds, the people that supposedly matter have asked for positive action on health and are ignored…what is the point again in registering “doodles” etc?


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The next two Championship shows are…

Southern Counties and Three Counties. It’s the first time Southern Counties have scheduled Glen of Imaal Terriers and they have a very nice entry of 13. Three Counties, with its mid-week slot, has an entry of 10

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Got him (hopefully)

Back in February the Glen of Imaal Terrier world was united with the news of the death, and the reason for it, of Shaunessy. It looks as if the “person” responsible has now been arrested

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Over Whitsun weekend..

….Tipperary American Girl became a New Champion and as it is number four for breeder Jo Lynn she becomes an AKC Breeder of Merit. Also in the States GCH Liberty’s Darren of Daulton had two Group 4s at back to back to shows in Ohio.  At Iitti Group Show in Finland Rosears Heads or tails was Best of Breed and Rosears AbloomingBud Best Opposite Sex.

Bath Championship Show saw Glen of Imaal Terrier judge Paul Eardley award the BOB and CC to Johnny Be Good at Romainville with Reserve Dog going to Romainville Billy Wizz. Best Bitch went to Bregorrey Madam Defiance and the Reserve to Brockland Belle Bregorrey. Jeonty MeMe Fern took the Best Puppy award. Madam Defiance makes number three from the litter to take a senior award (in the UK) whilst still in Junior; has there been a litter since the famed Ginger’s Fashion/Princess Leia kids to win so well so young?

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Sweden calling!

Last weekend many folk will have tuned into the Eurovision Song Contest from Sweden. If you liked what you saw why not give their Irish Breeds Festival a thought? All 6 Irish Breeds will feature-of course the Glen of Imaal Terrier- and it is on July 18th. There is a website with full details.

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New stuff already here and on the way

The Glen Services website was recently updated. As always it doesn’t promote any country, kennel or breeder. It just tries to give the full story of the Glen of Imaal Terrier to anybody doing research via the internet. One of its greatest, and best thought of, features are the photographs provided by Glen people worldwide of Glens doing loads of everyday things. The “classic shots” are still there (David Seall’s bluebells, Anne Roslin-Williams’ Berg profile etc.) and the working photographs have a page of their own. For the first time in the update there is a Glen in a Therapy Vest so Mark Brown’s shot of Winston shows yet another talent to the breed’s bow. The front page of the site “lifts a paw” in gratitude for everybody who has sent photographs and those thanks are happily repeated here.

Obviously after the news at the back end of last week, the EFG is now registered, as well as recognised, by the Kennel Club, there will be a new EFG website. That won’t happen for a while yet because there are just a few things that take priority but rest assured it will be fully updated and it will appear on here when it happens!

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Less than 2 months!

It’s now less than two months to the EFG Companion Show and Funday( all breeds not just Glen of Imaal Terriers). Saturday July 13th is the date and Swineshead is the venue. There will be BVA/KC eye testing by Peter Bedford and appointments ARE required. Please email Sheila on and she will be pleased to allocate you a slot.

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