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It can’t be denied that entries at Championship Shows are falling. Every breed, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, are seeing reduced numbers. The judge always plays a part in the decision to attend but so do costs and an easy £100 a time once everything is taken into account means things aren’t going to improve. The Kennel Club, on realising numbers, have said that some breeds will be loosing CCs. A lot of exhibitors in many breeds have screamed about this and there a lot that say every show should have CCs but what will this do? It won’t alter the cost and where will favourable knowledgable judge come from?

A suggestion from somebody who exhibits more than pedigree dogs; why isn’t there a sliding scale of entries to determine what awards are given? It would take some working out but would it be any more convoluted than the CC number allocation system in place at the moment that can only be worked out by some Kennel Club number cruncher?

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  1. Had that article sent a couple of weeks ago Glen and I know it has had a lot of nods of approval. In the UK though there isn’t the professional scene nor the big money advertising budget but there most certainly is the “same judge” scenario….which swings back very nicely to one of the points above; where would the judges come from if every show had CCs? I know I’m playing a very old record-it was one of the reasons I resigned from the post of Association Secretary-but what benefit(s) has been obtained from the bits of green card?

  2. A sliding scale is an excellent idea that any dog can win a cc if their are only 1 or 2 of either sex there beggars belief.I am against ccs and always have been please someone give a benefit that have come from ccs? Also their are plenty of semi-pro judges allrounders who seem to be at every show judging one breed or another.
    I think the loss ccs wouldnt harm the breed at all but that is purely a personal opinion.

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