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The Finnish Kennel Club and Finnish Breed Clubs have assisted Genoscoper Laboratories in the launch of MyDogDNApass

MyDogDNA Pass™, the world’s first genetics-based health assessment for dogs. Dog owners know the heartbreak and often, great cost, of owning a dog with a genetic defect. Specific breeds are noted for defects, such as heart disease…, propensity for bloat, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, difficulty breathing, hereditary cancers and many, many more. Owners and breeders alike trust the source of the dog or bitch to supply correct information about health risks. But, oftentimes, they do not know and have no way of proving a puppy’s future health. Starting today, a true genetic assessment of dogs is now available. Based on the first global canine DNA database, MyDogDNA Pass™ provides individual owners and breeders with test results for over 100 single dog genetic tests for any dog, including gene tests for healthy traits and for disease. It allows owners and veterinarians to assess a dog’s health and, at the same time, allows breeders to locate healthy mates for their dogs that will increase their line’s genetic diversity, while keeping unwanted diseases out of the future generations. Because of the growing database, MyDogDNA provides, for the first time in the history of canine DNA testing, insight into the genetic diversity of an individual dog as well as within a breed based on measured frequency of genes found in the tested dogs.

If you have got time the link above needs following and have a look at (Irish) Glen of Imaal Terrier.

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  1. Some of the science behind this seems a little dodgy. All breed clubs seem to have been contacted, and Cathryn Mellersh has a conference call with the company today,hoping to get some answers to her many questions.

  2. The DNA test for crd3 is not listed.
    This company seems to offering a somewhat “generic” service. We know that many of the disease mutations are breed specific … e.g. crd3 variant of PRA for the Glen; rcd3 for the Cardigan Corgi … why pay a lot of money for a whole host of tests that have been specifically developed for other breeds …?
    I shall be interested to hear what Catherine Mellersh has to feed back to the BHCs …

  3. My thought was not a lot of use to the serious breeder but a potential goldmine for the puppy farmers to offer fully dna tested crap studs.

  4. Thinking about it Ali I’d say it was a certainty that some will. Everybody is screaming health now so if you have a Bulldog at £1500+ stud fee and you can say that it is “fully” health DNAed on your advertising


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