Over to you Ireland

Evidently on the immortal Facebook there has been a conversation about tails and it was written that docking was banned in Ireland in 2008. Obviously the EFG is flattered to know we are seen as the source of all information but we aren’t totally up to date on the Irish question. The Schedule to the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1965 that specifically permits the docking of tails in puppies up to one month of age by non-veterinarians was certainly there in 2008 and, as far as can be found, is still on the statute books but our legal expert isn’t an expert on Irish law. Can anybody help?

3 thoughts on “Over to you Ireland

  1. First we heard of it.
    Will of course check and confirm what is correct later.
    Because of the law in many European countries breeders by choice do not dock but as far as I am aware the law has not changed here in Ireland.

  2. Northern Ireland changed their law on Jan 1st 2013 but wasn’t there a statement from Vets in Eire about not wanting to dock in 2008. Is this possibly a cause for misunderstanding?

  3. It is not illegal to dock dogs in Eire check with DAFF the majority of Irish exhibitors dont dock because they want to show at Crufts and sell stock for showing abroad. It is not illegal to dock in the UK i dock and still show the only show you cant show at is Crufts but working id far more important to me than showing.
    I do wish people would get their facts right it was proposed by the Greens when in coalition with FF

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