A new event and, yes, Glen of Imaal Terriers will be represented!

From the organiser:-
Pleased to formally announce the judging panel of the inaugural lemon drizzle cakeĀ  competition at next weekends Windsor dog show. The judges all have a JDP in lemon drizzle and are very experienced in sponge. They are Ian Gabriel and Mark Cocozza and the referee will be none other than Mrs Di Johnson. All are experienced in cake! The cakes will then be auctioned off in aid of Jilly’s Jolly Jaunt. Judging takes place after Wire Fox Terrier judging. (The two principal judges realize that the referee is likely to muscle in even if we agree) Come and watch the first CC in lemon drizzle
and what’s it to do with Glen of Imaal Terriers? Obviously the breed cake-maker in chief, Nicki Montford, has made the shortlist and one of her magnificent creations will be amongst the final ten!