It’s a question that needs your input

As the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club (always to be the EFG) gets ready for its first full blown Committee Meeting-hopefully sleeping bags won’t be required-there is a lot of important things on the agenda. One thing that is there that won’t get fully decided on the day is the new Code of Ethics. How is this known beforehand? It doesn’t take an Einstein to realise that a Code of Ethics effects the members so they need a full say on what should be there as they will be expected to abide by it.

There is no doubt, from previous correspondence, that members want DNA testing for PRA before mating including but what else should be there? Have a look at the current Code and tell us what you think.

A couple of things that spring to mind:

One breed club has an older limit for mating bitches that is actually two years before the Kennel Club one. Strange logic perhaps but their members obviously wanted it. In a late maturing breed like Glens IF a limit is suggested shouldn’t it be the minimum age for a litter?

As the crossbreed seems to rule these days should there be a clause regarding a Glen not  being mated with another breed?

3 thoughts on “It’s a question that needs your input

  1. Some interesting differences to your KC COE vs the American Parent Club COE I might say. Are you contemplating changes for just E-F-G or is this the KC?

    We have testing requirements for Brucellosis which probably doesn’t exist in the UK. What about following vet protocol with regards to accepted standards of vaccination schedules? Do you speak to the frequency and total of litters a bitch may have in her lifetime? Curious that part about a vet may report a C-section to the KC. We do require PRA testing via DNA testing before breeding as well as testing for HD. Why wouldn’t it be a part of a COE now that there is the DNA test for it would be strange to me. But I’m sure you all are familiar with the GITCA COE. Given your KC direction with cross breeds I’d think you’d want a clause about “thou shalt only breed pure bred registered Glens to the same” (lightheartedness intended:) Marty Dagneau-Bates Glenbride Irish Dogs

  2. Liz the Glen has been crossed on a regular basis with the wheaten terrier and no bad thing it puts a bit of fire into them and helps out with dwarfism usually 1 in 7. Who has the right to say you cannot x your dogs i dont care what either club try and dictate say as you know Liz i plough my own furrow in the UK and mate my bitches when i think its right . I really do laugh at the statement the “pure” Glen! do we really want the breed like say the manchester or dandie inbred to hell purely on appereance.
    I suggest people look at real border and bearded collies that actually work and then the “pure” kc ones i and some of my freinds in Eire will work on are own way. On dwarfism if you look at Dexter cattle the use leggy and short legged to breed a healthy productive animal”show world take note”

  3. Regarding the limit for mating bitches perhaps you should ask your health representative and secretary if it is alright to breed from a maiden bitch at 7 years old. Is this morally right?

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