Birmingham National Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

PD & JD (0).

PGD. 1 Davis’ Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns, quite a character, good strength in head & jaw, round well set eyes & pleased in body with correct topline & strong loin, plenty of bone & well muscled at the rear. A somewhat erratic mover.

LD (2) 1 Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara, nice for size, good head, strong jaw & eyes & ears of correct shape & size, pleased in neck & shoulder, deep in body with a strong rearend used to good effect on the move, pushed hard in the challenge. 2 Welch’s Romainville Brannigan at Brockland, scored in head, eye & neck, well ribbed up with plenty of bone, steepish topline in profile but moved out quite well both ways.

OD (3) 1 CC & BOB, Garner’s Ch Johnny Be Good at Romainville, stood out with his shape, size & presentation, well handled, pleased in head, eye & correctly shaped & sized ears, strong in neck & body, excellent topline, outmoved all others here. 2 Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus, head of good shape & size, plenty of bone & well muscled up with good topline & quarters, steady mover.

VD (1) 1 RCC, Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, well known & quality dog who represents the breed so well, cracking head, scores in neck & shoulder with plenty of bone & strength all through, in good coat & condition, moved out well both ways,

PB (1) 1 BP, Rogers’ Jeonty Meme Fern, pleased to see such a lovely young lady, everything looks right here, shows herself off so well, in good coat & condition, well made & nice for size, correct in head & body proportions, scored in eye, ears & neck, moved freely both ways, should go far.

JB (2) 1 Cockayne’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle, well presented & handled blue who pleased in her well shaped head, strong jaw & well boned front, correct topline, good set on, moved out well fore & aft.

PGB (2) 1 RCC, Hadley’s Donvaleset Domino, head of good proportions, well defined stop, strong in neck & body, well ribbed up with firm loin & drove well from strong hindquarters. 2 Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira, not the strength or ring presence of 1 & would have liked a stronger foreface. Pleased in eye, ears & neck, once settled moved out quite well.

OB (2) 1 CC, Harley’s Ch Donvaleset Brier, strength & substance all through with quality head, strong jaw & sound bite, scored in ears, neck & body with well boned front & well muscled hindquarters, quite a character & once settled moved out well. 2 Withers’ Romainville Aoife at Pajantick, not the substance or bone of 1 but head shape, eye & ears all plus points & moved out quite well going away.

VB (0).


Over to you Ireland

Evidently on the immortal Facebook there has been a conversation about tails and it was written that docking was banned in Ireland in 2008. Obviously the EFG is flattered to know we are seen as the source of all information but we aren’t totally up to date on the Irish question. The Schedule to the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1965 that specifically permits the docking of tails in puppies up to one month of age by non-veterinarians was certainly there in 2008 and, as far as can be found, is still on the statute books but our legal expert isn’t an expert on Irish law. Can anybody help?

Your thoughts?

The Finnish Kennel Club and Finnish Breed Clubs have assisted Genoscoper Laboratories in the launch of MyDogDNApass

MyDogDNA Pass™, the world’s first genetics-based health assessment for dogs. Dog owners know the heartbreak and often, great cost, of owning a dog with a genetic defect. Specific breeds are noted for defects, such as heart disease…, propensity for bloat, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, difficulty breathing, hereditary cancers and many, many more. Owners and breeders alike trust the source of the dog or bitch to supply correct information about health risks. But, oftentimes, they do not know and have no way of proving a puppy’s future health. Starting today, a true genetic assessment of dogs is now available. Based on the first global canine DNA database, MyDogDNA Pass™ provides individual owners and breeders with test results for over 100 single dog genetic tests for any dog, including gene tests for healthy traits and for disease. It allows owners and veterinarians to assess a dog’s health and, at the same time, allows breeders to locate healthy mates for their dogs that will increase their line’s genetic diversity, while keeping unwanted diseases out of the future generations. Because of the growing database, MyDogDNA provides, for the first time in the history of canine DNA testing, insight into the genetic diversity of an individual dog as well as within a breed based on measured frequency of genes found in the tested dogs.

If you have got time the link above needs following and have a look at (Irish) Glen of Imaal Terrier.

…and Woody joins in today!

Jilly’s Jolly Jaunt (raising funds for GOSH, Dog Lost and the KC Charitable Trust by walking approx 130 miles from the NEC in Birmingham to Great Ormond Street Hospital) began yesterday and today they will be joined by Woody and Cresta. Besides walking Woody has also been talking for his local paper where he can be admired on page 19. Cresta has over £200 to donate to the cause but is still open for sponsorship! You can do it online but do put Glen of Imaal Terrier so its known who you are supporting. It’s possible to track where they are on the walk via a GPS collar Jilly is wearing. The password and login are both JJJ and remember to tick Jilly at the bottom of the screen when you get to the map.

Interesting idea?

It can’t be denied that entries at Championship Shows are falling. Every breed, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, are seeing reduced numbers. The judge always plays a part in the decision to attend but so do costs and an easy £100 a time once everything is taken into account means things aren’t going to improve. The Kennel Club, on realising numbers, have said that some breeds will be loosing CCs. A lot of exhibitors in many breeds have screamed about this and there a lot that say every show should have CCs but what will this do? It won’t alter the cost and where will favourable knowledgable judge come from?

A suggestion from somebody who exhibits more than pedigree dogs; why isn’t there a sliding scale of entries to determine what awards are given? It would take some working out but would it be any more convoluted than the CC number allocation system in place at the moment that can only be worked out by some Kennel Club number cruncher?

Counting down…..

Less than 6 weeks to the EFG Companion Show and Funday on July 13th. That very crucial thing of toilets have been booked and Wagg Dog Food have continued their very kind sponsorship with the donation of six bags of their complete food. BVA/KC eye tests need appointments and Peter Bedford is always popular so do email Sheila for an appointment

Busy Weekend!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people have certainly been out and about to celebrate June beginning. First off the blocks was Southern Counties with a Best of Breed for Ch. Brockland Belle Bregorrey and Best Dog going to brother Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad under judge Johan Juslin.

Southern CountiesAt the Estonian Winners BOB was awarded to Gleann Una Noonan, BOS to Gleann Uaid MacDonald with the Junior Winner title going to Glenrosedale Aiobheann Nion Ros. Afterwards Glen celebrations ruled!






At the Glen of Imaal Association Open Show judge Roger Bill awarded Best In Show to Ch. Jeonty Maybee Daysee with Best Dog being awarded to Pendikes Edward Bear and Best Puppy to Amhard High Flyer.

Glen Association: BP, BIS, BDAnd from Monique Anthony: Oliver qualified in the RAT Instinct and Rat Novice classes today in Crosswicks NJ!  This is his 2nd RATN leg and he needs 1 more for a title.In the Novice class, he went through the tunnel and did the climb within a few seconds, but then attempted to get to the rat tube from the opposite side of its location in a stack of hay bales instead of going around and marking them directly.  The bales were up against the orange fencing and so he forced his body against the fencing causing it to bend out and almost hit the spectators sitting on the bench outside the ring.  He finally wrangled and crawled his way over to the tube location on the opposite side and I called it.  I love that he qualifies in dramatic fashion each time.  In NC, he broke open the tube and the rat popped out.  What a fun sport 🙂

And finally a lot of Glen of Imaal Terrier people don’t enter into Variety classes as they always feel a Glen doesn’t do that well. Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty proved that thought faulty with taking a nicely filled NSC at Boston and then being awarded Group 2

Lots of congratulations to everybody from everybody!