As it’s 6 months plus into the year….

….the half way Leaders in the various breed competitions have been reported on so lets look at the people who caused them to be there and the reasons for doing it; yep, how are the critiques for the year doing?

It’s actually been quite a good year up to yet with only 3 Glen of Imaal Terrier critiques missing. These are Nick Hammond from Crufts, Johan Juslin from Southern Counties and Per Iverson from Blackpool and all of them are FCI not Kennel Club. When FCI people judge here they agree to do it “our way” so has anybody seen the critiques? If any of the gentlemen judged FCI style and wrote personal critiques given over immediately to the exhibitor do accept the mistake in including you but until anything different is heard it is basically a name and shame exercise. When exhibitors pay a lot of money to enter, particularly Crufts, it’s downright rude not to put finger to keyboard at all.

Darlington-TAKE NOTE!

Darlington Championship Show online entries don’t close until August 6th but note the following:

Entries made during the extended period (after noon 30 July to noon 6 August), will cost £27 so you have until midday today to get your entry in at the £25.00 rate.

Terrier Day is Friday 13th September and Glen of Imaal Terriers will be judged by Jeff Luscott.



Busy few days!

A lot of Glen of Imaal Terrier showing over the past few days. Starting in the UK Leeds Championship Show had Bregorrey Wannabe Victory By Jeonty taking Best Dog and Best of Breed with his kennel mate Jeonty MeMe Fern being awarded Best Bitch. Leeds only has one Challenge Certificate on offer and that went to Victor with the Reserve CC going to the Reserve Dog Kirikee Ronan O’Gara.

In Finland the HKI/Eukanuba Show saw Abberann Fagan being awarded BOB with Gleann Rabarber Drom Best Opposite and Best Veteran. America had a cluster of shows in Ohio and Best of Breed on all 3 days was GCH Liberty’s Darren of Daulton (taking Group 3 one of the days). Best Opposite to him was Ch Tipperary American Girl, Ch Daultons Rosalee and GCH Daultons Emerald Green respectively. Due to the high number of professional handlers and multi-owners in the States they run a competition not known in Europe, “Owner Handler”.  Tipperary American Girl was Group 3 and Group 1 in the Terrier Owner Handler Group. Also in America Henderson KC had GlenTyrs Lady Isabella at Castlerock as BOB.

Before doing the well-earned congratulations all round there has to be another mention. Wendy Tobijanski has been associated with Glens for a long, long time but over the weekend took the 50th BOB, and Group 4, with her Cesky. What a record!!

Lots of congratulations to everybody and it’s difficult, in such an illustrious list, to pick what pictures to use but in recognition of such an event it’ll have to be Wendy-shown below carrying her mother’s American Cocker Spaniel whilst a younger Brenda and Liz walk the Glens in.


Three Counties critique


Glen of Imaal Terriers

PD & JD (0).

PGD: 1 George &  Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz, wheaten, good width to head, strong muzzle with correct bite, neat ears, muscular ample neck, good typical front, strong loin, in good muscletone, covered the ground well. BD;

2 Rogers’ Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty, well balanced young dog, good bite, in excellent muscletone, moved well.

OD (3) 1 Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, excellent make & shape, loved his head shape, correct bite. Front movement let him down for top honours. BD; 2 Welch’s Romainville Brannigan at Brockland, liked his make & shape, moved well going, needs to settle coming.

PB (2) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Rock On Baby, very promising youngster, lovely dark eye, correct bite, very good neck & shoulders, correct rise over loin, moved out well.

JB (1) 1 Seall’s Bragorrey Madam Defiance, quality bitch with a future, loved her size, excellent head shape, correct bite, dark eye, well sprung ribs, stood & moved correctly. BOB.

PGB (0).

OB (2) 1 Seall’s Brockland Belle Bregorrey, pleasing head & eye, correct bite, in excellent coat & condition, moved out well. RBB; 2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Ellia, liked her make & shape, did not put all in here.


It’s a wrap!

The fingers and toes have been counted and all bits of paper fished out from behind the phone and on the windowsill; the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf) will once again be sending hundreds of pounds to the Charity!! So once again it’s the Oscar speech of thanks to:- the sponsors, the helpers, production, wardrobe and everybody and anybody who helped make the event a success.

Despite the record temperatures for the event, and advice from some quarters on not to travel, the combined efforts made it (once more) a success and this success is making its own problem in a way. As one person, who has attended every year, said as they arrived on site and looked around “Is it the Great Yorkshire (Show) or Swineshead?”. The event-and the associated work and effort-with the ever escalating costs does give an incredible day but its fast reaching the stage where its going to have to be looked at as to future direction. Rick Rubin advised Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond that the way forward was to go back to the “stripped down” sound by eliminating over production elements and everybody knows how successful that was!

Two more shots of that wonderful cake, created by Nicki, taken by Ruth and Pat.

Fun Day 130712 015

Good suggestion.

In the UK Glen of Imaal Terrier entries are down at Championship Shows. Leeds is this weekend and it used to be a well supported show with a regular high 20s turn out but no more and this is mirrored at most shows. Its not just Glens though as all entries are generally down and in some cases waaay down, over 1,000 dogs at a recent show. What’s causing it? What do you think? Do you care? Dog World have recently launched an online survey on the matter and the suggestion has come in that it might be of interest to people on here.

As it’s July….

The half way leaders in the various “Of The Year” competitions have been announced. Glen of Imaal Terriers sees:-

Top Stud- Ch/Dutch/Bel Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster

Top Brood Bitch-An equal tie between Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Diva & Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey

Top Puppy-Jeonty MeMe Fern

A sunny weekend

The “Swedish Bash” in Eskilstuna had wonderful weather and a fabulous atmosphere is reported. Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terrier, under judge John Hartigan, was Abberann Fagan with Pearytail Artless Tess Best Bitch. Fagan then went on to take Reserve Best In Show-or Best In Show 2 as it is known in Scandinavia-so an excellent result.

The Irish Sporting Glen Club had a get together and they were also blessed by the weather God. The Quinns are summer holidaying in Ireland and, up to yet, Kirikee Ronan O’Gara has taken 3 Green Stars. Finally Sue Sutton had a smile as big as the sun when her Bailielands Leanbh Orga took the Green Star and Best of Breed at Sligo to make her up to an Irish Champion (subject to IKC confirmation).

Big congratulations everybody!

Thankfully it isn’t just me!

Have you noticed what a lot of dog owners do now when you encounter them out on a walk? They tell their animals to sit and stand there at the side of it saying “good boy, good boy, good boy” under their breath. Where has this come from? By the number that do it is obviously some new training method but for what? You have to ask if people are intentionally praising their dogs for initiating a fight but if you ever did they would be horrified or think you were just plain stupid…..and this is the problem when the one method fits all is used by the pet owning dog lovers and trainers!

Even the most mild mannered dog is disconcerted when it sees another one either sitting or standing stock still just staring at it. Any self respecting dog, never mind a Glen of Imaal Terrier, will consider it an insult that quite probably should be answered. The owner of the sitting dog though just blithely continues telling it what a good boy it is. Whoever initially came up with this idea was probably considered a genius as it made the dog so much easier for the owner to walk; they never considered the damage it could be causing to any canines met on the walk.

That isn’t just the extreme view of a terrier owning dog person as this very well written article indicates

Have a fabulous time!

Today sees the Irish Breeds Festival in Sweden. It began yesterday with a get together and barbecue and today the show. All the Irish Breeds, that have left the Emerald Isle, are scheduled and the star entry is over 100 Irish Wolfhounds. There are over 30 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered with dogs from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Holland and visitors from as far away as the USA. First photographs indicate brilliant weather and a great time is indicated.