Blimey…it was a bit warm!

Over the years the sacrifices to the weather God have been practised on an annual basis so we do have a bit of ability in the art; if there are any doubts on how good we are just think back to Saturday’s weather-the hottest of the year and we even avoided the thunderstorm that crashed its way around a few miles away!

Actually we did wonder if our undoubted skill would be our undoing as the temperatures continued to climb but people came. They came early and hung around and came with minutes to spare. They came with parasols, with cool coats and with cameras to prove there WAS a summer in 2013. Pedigree judge Max King took great pains with each exhibitor, we often forget how peculiar our sport is, and Novelty Judge Jane Withers made a lot of people’s day. A lady who wasn’t sure “if she should” took home a rosette and trophy and a young lady had the best day of her life because, as she pointed out to many, Mum got a third, Dad a second but I got a first and a medal! A new Junior Handler is born.

The weekend started on the Wednesday (okay it was a long weekend) when the first people pulled onto site and by Thursday there were 22 present for supper. Glen of Imaal Terrier people¬†rarely miss an opportunity so the “bring and share” meal saw everything from gammons to lasagne to salmon to deserts to add on the extra pounds on for. Friday was more arrivals, more putting up of gazebos and lots more gossiping and catching up and early Saturday morning even more Glen folk arrived so we were good to go as the photo from Nicki Montford shows

2 thoughts on “Blimey…it was a bit warm!

  1. No real pain for me, just enduring the British weather was perhaps the only pain.
    But I thank the Exhibitors and Committe and Volunteers for ensuring the Event was a success.
    Max King

  2. Fantastic weekend. Have a nice suntan now too. Just got home, with quite a lot of spare chocolate cake!!

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