Thankfully it isn’t just me!

Have you noticed what a lot of dog owners do now when you encounter them out on a walk? They tell their animals to sit and stand there at the side of it saying “good boy, good boy, good boy” under their breath. Where has this come from? By the number that do it is obviously some new training method but for what? You have to ask if people are intentionally praising their dogs for initiating a fight but if you ever did they would be horrified or think you were just plain stupid…..and this is the problem when the one method fits all is used by the pet owning dog lovers and trainers!

Even the most mild mannered dog is disconcerted when it sees another one either sitting or standing stock still just staring at it. Any self respecting dog, never mind a Glen of Imaal Terrier, will consider it an insult that quite probably should be answered. The owner of the sitting dog though just blithely continues telling it what a good boy it is. Whoever initially came up with this idea was probably considered a genius as it made the dog so much easier for the owner to walk; they never considered the damage it could be causing to any canines met on the walk.

That isn’t just the extreme view of a terrier owning dog person as this very well written article indicates