Good suggestion.

In the UK Glen of Imaal Terrier entries are down at Championship Shows. Leeds is this weekend and it used to be a well supported show with a regular high 20s turn out but no more and this is mirrored at most shows. Its not just Glens though as all entries are generally down and in some cases waaay down, over 1,000 dogs at a recent show. What’s causing it? What do you think? Do you care? Dog World have recently launched an online survey on the matter and the suggestion has come in that it might be of interest to people on here.

3 thoughts on “Good suggestion.

  1. I find this question reasonably easy to respond to personally
    1, recession
    2,fuel costs
    3,exhorbitant entry fees £25
    4,time of work,household bills etc
    5,judges and judging
    6,the bitchiness of the show world
    They are just my opinions mind.

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