let’s hear it for Ollie!!!

Monique sent this a couple of month’s ago “if there was an opening” it was busy over the summer so it was still in the file.

Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE RN NW1  RATN has been enjoying the new sport of Barn Hunt over the last few weeks.  He’s traveled to trials in North Carolina and New Jersey in addition to staying in his home state of Connecticut.  After failing at his first few attempts in the novice class by either eliminating on a hay bale (what’s a boy to do?) or choosing tubes with dirty litter instead of a live rat, he finally succeeded by qualifying at 3 trials in a row.  Oliver ran through tunnels formed by hay bales,  climbed at least one bale high, and finally indicated the tube with the live rat. By earning a Novice Barn Hunt title (RATN) at the mature age of 13 ½ years old, Oliver is the oldest Glen of Imaal Terrier to ever title in an AKC recognized sport.  We are immensely proud of our working dog!  For more information on this new fun event, go to barnhunt.com

Then over the weekend this happened! Oliver became Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist  SE  RN  NW1  RATI  RATO

The Open class differs from the Novice class in that the dog must locate 2 hidden live rat tubes instead of 1 (plus, there are 2 dirty litter tubes hidden without rats to trick the dogs), the tunnel of hay bales is longer with a turn, and one section of bales is 3 levels tall so the rats can be hidden higher up (and one must be).  2 ½ minutes is the time limit to find 2 rats, climb bales, and tunnel. 3 qualifying legs are required to earn a RATO title.

He has  now moved into the Senior class; appropriate considering his age.  4 live rat tubes are hidden (plus 3 with dirty litter sans rat) in the more complex course, the tunnel has at least 2 turns, and 2 sections of bales are at least 3 levels tall.  The time limit increases to 3 ½ minutes, but it is a fast paced event with rat tubes being located and handed out of the ring constantly so the dog can refocus and find more vermin.  A very fun sport, especially for spectators!Oliver-RATN-sm



5 thoughts on “let’s hear it for Ollie!!!

  1. Ollie is amazing beast. Not only is he a wonderfully behaved best friend to Monique and Les (his humans), he has also been a featured model for several years for one of the finest (hi-gloss) dog magazines. If that weren’t enough, he also agrees, albeit begrudgingly, at least once a year to allow Les to walk him around the ring in the Veteran’s class and parade of Champions at the Ultra-prestigious Montgomery Kennel Club show in October. Finally, Ollie has proven that the old adage that ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” does not apply when we are dealing with Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE RN NW1 RATI RATO. Well done! Andy, Riley, Lily and Tupelo Honey

  2. Well done ! Sue its not hard find a farm or old building get permission and go .

  3. Thanks everyone! It’s a great feeling watching your dog work and deriving such pleasure from it!

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