Next Optigen 20/20 clinic

Optigen are offering 30% discount off DNA tests at Val Tiller’s next Optigen 20/20 Clinic on Tuesday 17th September, in Epsom, Surrey.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are invited to be DNA tested for crd3-PRA. Clients may attend the clinic, or be Postal Participants.

Contact Val Tiller direct for further details and to book places:

E-mail:   Tel: 01372 273597


5 thoughts on “Next Optigen 20/20 clinic

  1. Optigen is also having a sale in the USA September 23- Oct 7th. 25% off. This is for mailed samples. I wonder why the UK get’s a bigger discount? Must be the weather 🙂

  2. Marty
    Val has been holding two Optigen 20/20 sessions per year (for all breeds) for many years … and we are lucky enough to benefit from her 25% discount plus another 5% for online submission.
    I have Storm booked in for this September session! 😉

  3. Stephen
    Storm is a bitch … not a dog! 😉
    She’s the litter sister to our Tamar. They have a litter brother called Stormy, who lives in Florida.

  4. Sorry Alison ive never heard a bitch called Storm before, on Florida one of Bens bitch pups is there as well .

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