In case you haven’t noticed…..

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club has a new website. It’s obviously a work in progress with things to be added once ratification happens at the AGM. Do note that the full criteria for the judges list is on there along with a downloadable application form (which can be sent electronically) so there is no excuse if you want/think you should be included!

This is the first site the EFG have had that is optimised for mobile viewing etc. (initial feedback gives it high satisfaction ratings) but we need to know if it doesn’t work for your operating system.

3 thoughts on “In case you haven’t noticed…..

  1. Sorry, Liz! There are a couple of issues for my “operating system” … and I’m sure I can’t be the ONLY one!

    /health page – clicking on the ‘health representative’ link just brings up a blank page.
    (I notice that this was also the case with the KC’s re-vamped website … and they have since added the actual email addresses).

    /judges page – clicking on ‘please download’ brings up this error message from Adobe – (we have Adobe Reader 9):

    Adobe-Reader could not open ‘Judges List App Form (2).doc’ because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachement and wasn’t properly decoded).

    Clicking on ’email attachment’ again just brings up a blank page.

  2. Various systems have been tried as well as tablets, mobiles, laptops etc. None are reporting problems. Initially Opera wasn’t too happy but this is now (hopefully) resolved. The health representative link is an email. The judges list application form is on drop box and completed ones have already been received


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