2014 Glen of Imaal Terrier calendar

GITCApage1The Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America celebrates health for its 2014 calendar and for the cover shot they dug through the archives back to the 1999 Specialty. A year the EFG was there on a “Factfinder” so do you recognise anybody?

All the dogs featured on the inside of the calendar are Glens whose owners have followed the recommended health testing protocols for the breed and there are some lovely photographs.

If you fancy it for 2014-or as a present for somebody-it’s easy to obtain.

4 thoughts on “2014 Glen of Imaal Terrier calendar

  1. I do! Have seen this photo on Jean’s beautiful gallery of photos. I can see Jean, Yvonne Brown, Rob and Bruce and possibly Liz right at the back! Lol

  2. There are some lovely photos of glens in the calendar and brings back some great memories. 1999 seems along time ago now. One I think Yvonne and I will treasure.

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