…but where from?

Over the past few weeks many in the Glen of Imaal Terrier world have been horrified at the extensive online advertising of a Glen crossbred litter. There have been many questions about it but one of the main ones has been “but where has the Glen come from?”

It’s an easy question to answer. The breed has grown far more than anybody really comprehends. In the UK and Ireland there is quite a Glen community not really known to the larger pedigree orientated world. It’s rather amusing, when reading one “selling” site, to see Glens described as very rare when there are more than a page of adverts all offering the breed. Admittedly when looking at the photographs it appears that some may be Glens only in the seller’s imagination but it won’t matter to the bulk of any perspective buyers…they’ll have a Glen.

Just an as example Glen Services have been involved with three Glen rehomes in the past month. Two of the three were shipped over from Ireland in a supposed “save the pound dogs” rescue. Truly remarkable that, if they were pound dogs, there was somebody connected to the organisation that could identify the breed and before you ask it….yes they were Glens. Services, when notified by a concerned person, offered any assistance but was told there was no need and they would be easily sold-apologies for using that word as sold is never mentioned by the organisation that had them-and they since have been. Are you thinking non-spayed bitches? Buy a lottery ticket at the next draw as your psychic ability is obviously working overtime.

The thing though is, was the Glen crossbreed litter genuine? There were remarkably similar photographs used on different adverts for different “breeds” and the header had a “d” in the title; it was genuinely not realised by more than one person that “doodles” is something put into many internet search engines now. Putting the name of a recognised breed into crossbred mutts isn’t new but the idea, in the UK at least, of including a Glen is. This though has been around for quite a while in America