…but where from?

Over the past few weeks many in the Glen of Imaal Terrier world have been horrified at the extensive online advertising of a Glen crossbred litter. There have been many questions about it but one of the main ones has been “but where has the Glen come from?”

It’s an easy question to answer. The breed has grown far more than anybody really comprehends. In the UK and Ireland there is quite a Glen community not really known to the larger pedigree orientated world. It’s rather amusing, when reading one “selling” site, to see Glens described as very rare when there are more than a page of adverts all offering the breed. Admittedly when looking at the photographs it appears that some may be Glens only in the seller’s imagination but it won’t matter to the bulk of any perspective buyers…they’ll have a Glen.

Just an as example Glen Services have been involved with three Glen rehomes in the past month. Two of the three were shipped over from Ireland in a supposed “save the pound dogs” rescue. Truly remarkable that, if they were pound dogs, there was somebody connected to the organisation that could identify the breed and before you ask it….yes they were Glens. Services, when notified by a concerned person, offered any assistance but was told there was no need and they would be easily sold-apologies for using that word as sold is never mentioned by the organisation that had them-and they since have been. Are you thinking non-spayed bitches? Buy a lottery ticket at the next draw as your psychic ability is obviously working overtime.

The thing though is, was the Glen crossbreed litter genuine? There were remarkably similar photographs used on different adverts for different “breeds” and the header had a “d” in the title; it was genuinely not realised by more than one person that “doodles” is something put into many internet search engines now. Putting the name of a recognised breed into crossbred mutts isn’t new but the idea, in the UK at least, of including a Glen is. This though has been around for quite a while in America

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  1. it seems everything now is crossed with a poodle, jackapoos, cockapoos, labradoodles. the person
    e mailed me and said they could not find a suitable stud dog so used a poodle and what price did
    she think she should sell the puppies for!!!!! informed that no need to look further than the internet
    for a pedigree stud but any respecting stud dog owner now wants to see eye results and pedigree
    papers. as to cost of pups what cost is a mongrel??? also if these people who are bringing over
    glens to rescue them, why not have them neutered if they are getting money for selling them?

  2. Who runs this pound in Ireland that these non spayed bitches have come from ? A name and shame should be attached as people should be aware of who they should be avoiding rather than thinking they are helping or saving a Glen, but this is sounding more like bad breeding being fobbed off as rescue dogs.

  3. Sorry to see once again Ireland – rescue and re – homing in the one post.

    We have helped before to re-home Glens when we are informed or asked, but we are seldom asked. We have some people on our list willing to give a home but I think these people in supposed “rescue” are just looking for another market where they can charge.

    I know many people in the dog pounds here it is rare for a Glen to end up in one but with the attitude to breeding here it can only get worse. We know that there are regular van deliveries of dogs to the UK to fill a market. I suppose that it would be naive to think that Glens would not figure. I do not have up to date figures for Glen registrations ( and I am sure there are many not registered ) but few are shown.

    It saddens me to think that we have people in our breed that will give the impression that they love and cherish the breed and yet allow their dogs to end up in this manner. There is no doubt that money is really what they love and cherish.

    It is at times like this that discussions about size, weight, type and function means nothing when there are glens out there being used and abused and the people who bred them do not care.

    Yes I also think a name and shame would make some think but I also think that “rescue” has to properly monitored as it seems here in Ireland that it is used to “fill the vans for England” as many times the comment has been “we can ship them to England” There are some who will continue to breed even if they have no one lined up to take the puppies because they will rely on rescue to look after what is left.


  4. Is there a Ireland Glen Rescue and is this were these Glens are coming from or are they coming from regular rescue centers ? If there is a Glen Rescue in Ireland who is this run by and if this is who you are suggesting is ”filling the vans for England” this is a major misuse of their position.

  5. The Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Association of Ireland do not have a “rescue” section instead we are available to assist an owner of a Glen whatever that may entail. I have no details of another but believe there is one..

    We know that there are vans going to UK on a regular basis but cannot confirm who are supplying the dogs. I do not know of any glens but it is probable. We know that the vans are checked at the ports and the dogs are required to have a Pet Passport which means that they are micro chipped and recorded somewhere. I we could confirm micro chip no we could perhaps trace the owner.

    There is also the possibility that the dogs were robbed, it has happened here many times.


  6. Glen Services obviously know who had the dogs referred to but don’t know where they come from in Ireland. Just for interest there is a group of Irish pounds who openly admit that they send dogs to England. The impression they (like) to give is that it is for a better life. What they don’t say is that they are a cash crop that is then sold on for a higher amount by the places that have them here. These places never, ever want help from Breed Rescues.

  7. I know of people i work with who X glens with wheatens to work i see no problem with this mind these dogs arent advertised we put them out amongst ourselves. Their not for the general public mind to be honest neither is the glen were funny who we sell or give to. Their are far too many people out there who are to soft and weak for glens sorry but we need to face that one head on.
    These people see puppies and think”Teddy Bear” we dont let people see the pups on thier 1st visit they go out with the olde dogs and it can be a shock for them !
    We are sick to death of “oh thier bigger than a Cairn” people dont do thier home work we send them home to think about it mind you can tell on the phone 95% of the time. Thier is nothing wrong with Xing Glens if its for a purpose but willy nilly no and the £ sign does appear to a few until the baby cutey faze has gone and they are left with something else. If dogs cannot be rehomed they should be destroyed i know i will upset some but you have to grasp the nettle and be honest.

  8. After a little looking around there does appear to be a Glen rescue in Ireland http://glenrescueireland.webs.com/ – what baffles me is how is this not associated with the Glen of Imaal terrier club or at worst at least monitored by the club, I would of thought its a area that should be overlooked by the club in the best interest of the breed.

  9. Hi RoyalBerkshire, the rescue whose link you include in your post is ran by very experienced Glen people who have a network of caring people who are on hand to help with people who are thinking of adopting a dog. Dogs only go to appropiate homes and the rescue has a great track record of successful adoptions.Hope this of help.
    Regards Glenn

  10. Yes Glenn is correct marie is good decent woman who does her best i trust her more than most.

  11. I will also remind anyone who didnt know Marie McNeill lost her husband and mother in a 2 week period this summer think about that !!!!!

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